AUTISM. DENIAL. The death of John Travolta’s son.

John Travolta’s tragic denial of ASD /Celebrities who embrace it.

The Travolta’s, 56 and 48, enjoy photo shoots and a People Magazine interview celebrating the birth of baby ‘Ben.’ January was also the 2nd anniversary of the controversial death of their son, Jett. Jett Travolta was affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD. 

There are numerous celebrities today with family members affected by ASD. (see below). Denial for any reason should no longer exist. That’s what makes this all the more tragic. It shouldn’t have happened.

John Travolta’s recent article announcing his son’s birth was recently featured in People Magazine, January 12, 2011. Benjamin Travolta entered this world as his father, John and sister, Ella Blue watched on. Long time close family friend, Kirstie Alley waited in the waiting room.

While many might look at this picture seeing a happy Hollywood family, this writer is left wondering about the future of baby ‘Ben.’ If the Travolta’s are going to remain in the Church of Scientology, then Ben needs to be as ‘perfect’ as his sister.

Just two years ago, the Travolta’s tragically lost their 16 year old son, Jett while vacationing in the Bahamas on January 2, 2009. Jett, who had a long history of seizures, was discovered by a caretaker. The boy lifeless body was found at 10 a.m.,  some time after hitting his head on a bathtub during one of his seizures at The Grand Bahama Hotel.

A child who has a history of seizures should never be left alone, away from the hearing distance of a caretaker and above all, in a bathroom. As every parent/ caregiver knows, the prolonged sound of silence is the most frightening sound of all. Jett Travolta was completely alone during his last breath. He was only a child…with unanswered special needs.

Jett was suspected as having Autism since he showed numerous red flags at the age of 2. John Travolta has been a long time member of The Church of Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology does not acknowledge Autism as an ‘acceptable’ or pre-disposed condition. They state that Spectrum disorders are brought on by the person themselves and are therefore seen as an ‘unworthy person.’ This being said, the Travolta’s quickly labeled their son as having Kawasaki Disease, a curable disorder more acceptable to their church. I cannot imagine any act a 2 year old can do to bring anything but love upon himself.

Causes of Kawasaki Disease as stated By Mayo Clinic staff;

No one knows what causes Kawasaki disease, but scientists don’t believe the disease is contagious from person to person. A number of theories link the disease to bacteria, viruses or other environmental factors, but none has been proved. Certain genes may increase your child’s susceptibility to Kawasaki disease.

This definition should serve as a slap to the Travolta’s and the Church of Scientology as they blamed Jett’s condition solely on bathroom floor cleaners. Jett’s mother, Kelly Preston, went so far in her efforts to lend their ‘Kawasaki’ story credibility and please their church, she become a spokesperson for ‘green’ cleansers.

Since it is suspect that Kawasaki Disease is linked to genetics, then perhaps the Travolta’s should have just labeled their son’s  pre-disposed condition forwhat it really was, AUTISM. But then there was the church…

The Travolta’s put Scientology before the best interests of their own child.

The denial, brought on by the shame of the church and a convenient myth about floor cleansers was noticed by the world. There are numerous celebrity parents with children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD. In an article published in Hollywood, Interrupted, a cry to the Travolta’s concerning the denial and lack of treatments for their son appeared.


On Friday, April 7th, Hollywood, Interrupted was treated to the Los Angeles premiere of “Normal People Scare Me” – a feature-length documentary about autism, co-directed by the high functioning autistic teenager Taylor Cross and his mother, Keri Bowers. The event was sponsored by an organization called Cure Autism Now (CAN) and the new magazine, The Autism Perspective (TAP).


This enlightening film was produced by b-movie actor/director/producer and former special education teacher, Joey Travolta. Joey’s brother and sister-in-law, “Battlefield Earth” co-stars John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, were not present. Too bad…

…Had John and Kelly been at the screening, they might have a better understanding of the disorder reportedly affecting their 14 year-old son, Jett. Sadly, the Scientology couple cannot even publicly admit that their son is afflicted with a neurological disorder, lest – according to the incontrovertible doctrine of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard – he be labeled a “degraded being” that brought his affliction onto himself. Instead, the Travoltas have long blamed their son’s disability on Kawasaki Syndrome-related “environmental toxins,” specifically carpet cleaning chemicals.

Sylvester Stallone, who’s son Seargeoh, affected with ASD was said to be behind the article as well as opera singer, Pheobe Snow, whose daughter also has ASD.

The award-winning documentary taught people about autism, which can cause violent seizures. Joey also formed the group Actors for Autism, which helps autism sufferers make films about their lives and experiences. 

According to Hollywood Elsewhere, John and his wife Kelly Preston did not attend a 2006 autism event, Cure Autism Now, at which his Joey’s documentary was screened.

The friend told the Mirror: “Joey could see Jett in every one of those 65 kids he spoke to (for the film.) It was so obvious Jett was autistic just from spending five minutes with him, but the cruel fact of their religion meant his parents simply did not accept it.”

Since Joey Travolta was a Special Education Teacher we can only believe that the entire Travolta family knew the signs of ASD well. They were exercising deadly denial in an effort to please the church. Joey was frequently known to argue with his brother about their denial concerning Jett who obviously had ASD. The combination of Joey stating that he saw Jett in every child he interviewed before making his movie, and his degree in Special Education, clearly made Joey capable of a weighty, believable,  pre-screening diagnosis of Autism.

There are rumors that Joey produced this movie in an effort to save his nephew. What an incredible slap in Joey’s face that his brother and sister in law did not even attend his films debut. Perhaps if the movie had been about inconsequential high school kids from the 50’s, dancing on top of cars and table tops, or an ignorant high school boy with a Brooklyn accent, John would have made an appearance. My opinions about this actor and his wife have changed immeasurably.

The Church mandates that no interventions allowed; that any afflicted person must let prayer God alone heal a condition.

Scientology doesn’t recognize psychology or psychiatry as being valid (remember when Tom Cruise blasted Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants for her PPD?) DSM diagnostics are not used by scientologists.

Scientology critics predicted Jett’s death as remembered in a 2009 article;

The many times that Kelly Preston-Travolta was seen in public, it was normally with their daughter, Ella Blue. Talk shows with John and/or Kelly regularly heard them boasting about their “perfect princess”, Ella, but rarely mentioning their first born, Jett. Paparazzi photos showed any shots of Jett with a hoodie on, listening to music to drown out ‘unfiltered noises’ or in numerous cases, showing another typical symptom of ASD,  making poor eye contact. Reportedly, John would not stop for interviews when accompanied by his iPod distracted son, Jett.

Kelly often showed clips of herself and daughter Ella Bleu, or “princess” as she was called.  In comparison to endless photo opps taken with Ella, there are few shots of mom with Jett after he turned 6. Sad.

There are numerous therapy interventions that could have dramatically improved and/ or prevented Jett’s seizures. Nutritional, behavioral and pharmeceutical interventions can not only lessen or completely eliminate seizures, but also show long term improvement in EEG results.

The contention that prayer alone would have cured Jett Travolta puts the blame of his death purely in his parent’s hands. Sadly too is the fact that a child, Jett Travolta, was completely alone in a closed bathroom when his death occurred. I feel it safe to say that being alone and terrified at the moment of our demise would be the saddest and scariest moment of all. He was still just a child.

As well as there being no proven link to ‘floor cleaners,’ the Travolta’s diagnosis of Kawasaki’s Disease, when accounting for their son’s seizures has been disqualified. According to the Telegraph:

…”some health experts say there is no link between Kawasaki and seizures. However, it’s reportedly common for sufferers of autism to have seizures if they are left untreated.

Autism is often associated with epilepsy. Nearly half of autistic children in the U.S. are prescribed anti-convulsion drugs. About a third develops epilepsy. Many suffer from seizures that can begin in adolescence.

And, according to many experts, there are dozens of drugs designed to help…”

Again, Jett did not have Kawasaki’s Disease, in fact, his seizures were only further evidence that he had ASD, which would shame him and his prideful parents in the eyes of Scientology

Were Jett’s seizures treatable?, YES.  Is ASD treatable? YES! Should Jett have been left alone with a history of seizures? NO! Are the Travoltas to blame for his death? You decide.

How ironic that the couple just happened to be in the Bahamas, and were not even close by to hear the fatal sound of a head crashing onto the side of a bathtub or at the very least, to discover their son’s dead body. Gross negligence resulting in the death of a child carries severe penalties in the US. Celebrities often skirt sanctions typical citizens of the US are sentenced to. In short, John and Kelly could have been writing their memoirs from their cells. In this country, there is no statute of limitations on such a negligent crime.

John, 56 and Kelly, 48, are celebrating the birth of Benjamin. I wonder if John knows that once you have had a child with ASD, the likelihood of having another is greater than 20%. (This estimate is based upon the global reports of 1 in 68 with less than half of all persons screened.). Further considerations should be given to their mid-life ages. Autism is more prevalent in older (25-35), and more affluent parents. Delaying childbirth increases the risk of having a child with ASD 50%. Autism is genetic and pre-disposed. The same affected genes that made Jett are MUCH OLDER and now present in Benjamin.

John and Kelley are batting one in less than 30 that Benjamin will have at least some form of ASD. I can only hope that the Church of Scientology’s shame will not keep them from saving their second little boy’s life should ASD occur.

There is no shame in having ASD or a child with ASD. Reports of present day Autism, with less than half of all persons screened is greater than 86 million. No other disability in the history of life as we know it has reached these numbers, and it continues to grow.

Those of us struggling to get therapy for our children would be remiss if we did not acknowlege that with the amount of money John has, accommodating services including OT, PT, SLP, Sensory Integration and most importantly, ABA, (Applied Behavior Analysis), could have easily been paid for privately within their home.

No one should be able to use religious teachings as a justification for denial. Whether it be a fire crew responding, medics rushing to the scene of a car accident, or a seizure resulting in a deadly head injury, the knowledge of a person’s diagnosis is essential in saving and treating lives. Denial is deadly.

Yes, there have been uncountable diseases and conditions put upon this earth, but there are also the sciences and materials to treat them. Whoever you deem your creator to be has provided BOTH. We all have the same passport.

I recently provided in my article, Embracing the Label of Autism, February 7, 20011, a list of innumerable and ‘shocking’ famous persons affected with ASD. Here is a partial list of famous persons with family members and children affected by ASD. I am in great hopes that as these people come forward for diagnosis and treatment, so will you. Not one single Jett Travolta needs to die needlessly left alone again!

These deliberate pictures, (in an attempt to dispell rumors of ‘Autism’ about Jett), though certainly posed, at least give us the face of a boy with his dad, mom and sis that we’d like to believe in and remember. This last picture is the most touching of all…Jett comforting his father.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of so many.  Jett, we hardly knew you; never having  heard your voice, and only now really memorizing your beautiful face. We pray that your dark world is now bright, your scared heart filled with everlasting, comforting love,  your tortured body is flying with downy wings and your silenced voice replaced by the singing of angels. Jett Travolta, we promise you now, you have stolen our hearts. You are never forgotten.

God Bless and Keep you. -Amen

Isn’t it ironic that John lost out of the male lead in Splash to Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is also Autistic.

Celebrities with children or relatives diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD.
 Richard Burton, deceased actor – oftentimes talked about his daughter by his first wife, William Christopher, Father Mulcahy of the TV show M*A*S*H – speaks about his son, Ned, Myron Cope, Pittsburgh sportscaster – talks about his son, Joe Mantegna, actor – is a father of daughter with autism, Mark McEwen, TV weatherman on CBS Morning News – speaks about his brother, Sean, Tracy Rowlett, Dallas anchorperson – has an autistic son, Jonathan Shestak, movie producer – talks about his son, Dov, Sylvester Stallone, movie actor – speaks about his son, Seargeoh. He hopes that before he dies his son will recognize him as his father. David Tomlinson, actor who starred in Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the Love Bug – had an autistic son whose diagnosis and education is mentioned in some detail in Mr. Tomlinson’s autobiography, Luckier Than Most, Will Clark, Baseball player – speaks about his son, Tom Henke, Toronto baseball pitcher – talks about his son, Doug Flutie, football player – speaks about his son, Doug Jr.,  Merton Hanks, football player – about his daughter, Milan, Scott Mellanby, hockey player – about his son, BJ Surhoff, Baltimore baseball player (1996) – about his son, Mason, Dan Marino, football player – about his son, Wynton and Brandford Marsalis, jazz/classical musicians – talks about their brother, Beverly Sills, opera singer – about her son, Bucky,  Phoebe Snow, singer – is a mother of daughter with autism, Toni Braxton, singer – has a son recently diagnosed with autism, Paul Collins, writer – about his son, Audrey Flack, sculptor and photographer – mother of an adult with autism, Stephen J. Gould, scientist and writer – about his son, Jesse, Jenny McCarthy’s 4 year old son, Evan- was initially thought to be autistic, (Landau-Kleffner Disease), Gary Cole’s daughter is Autistic, Aidan Quinn’s daughter is Autistic, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas son, Dylan- has delays characteristically ASD, and finally this writer wishes to end on my devastating discovery that on January 6, 2007, Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson’s daughter, Nikki, 40,diagnosed with ASD, took her own life.

According to a statement about Lea Nikki Bacharach, or ‘Nikki’, by Linda Dozoretz, a spokesperson for the family, “she quietly and peacefully committed suicide to escape the ravages to her brain brought on by Asperger’s.”  Nikki Bacharach died of suffocation using a plastic bag and helium according to Mike Feiler of the Ventura County Coroner’s office.

Nikki’s January suicide anniversary was followed just 2 years later by the controversial death of Jett Travolta. I cannot  imagine what Burt, Angie and all parents think and feel, whether their children are affected by ASD or not, about the tragic and unnecessary passing of any  child…after they have lost one of their own. 

 Nikki Bacharach worked in movies and also sang with her father. This song was written by one of the world’s greatest composers, the loving father of a daughter affected with ASD. Burt Bacharach’s music has sung to the hearts of us all forhalf a century.

The song is entitled, “Nikki.” Though it was recorded for a Movie of The Week and became a hit without it’s lyrics, I was finally able to find them. I am also the mother of a child with ASD. I have dear friends who have lost a child unnecessarily. I know that mom, and countless others,  will join me in tears for the words put down for Nikki, from her daddy 

 “Somewhere there is sunshine.
Somewhere days are warm.

Somewhere there’s a happy harbor
far from the storm.

Out where the sun shines there is someone
I’m meant to adore,
and I know the day I find her,
I’ll smile once more.

Nikki, it’s you.
Nikki, where can you be?
It’s you, no one but you for me
I’ve been so lonely since you went away.
I won’t spend a happy day
’til you’re back in my arms.”


With January 2011behind us, the Bacharach’s and the Travolta’s, have just made it through another anniversary of their children’s passing. Our hearts go out to all parents who have out lived their children, and especially to those who have lost a special child affected with ASD. 


This article is the result of countless hours of research and tears. It did not start out to be, nor is it meant to be an attack on John or his family. It is written with great reserve and remorse. However, as I made my discoveries and searched for facts and pictures, the realization of the injustices in this huge tragedy presented itself upon me like being smashed into a concrete wall. “I got chills…”

Like everything, I ask you, my readers, to do your own homework and draw your own conclusions.

This writer is finished contributing to John Travolta’s career.

I can never feel the same, never.


AUTISM. Flu Season vaccines STILL contain Mercury?

AUTISM.  The Flu Season and precautions with vaccines.

Winter has been harsh this year and in some areas, highly unusual record breaking temperatures and conditions were recorded everywhere. With the end of January comes the season of Influenza. The University of Wyoming reported their first case on January 21, 2011.

Influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus. Symptoms include fever, headache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and muscle aches. Influenza can cause severe illness and complications, particularly among older people.

Tips about keeping the spread of the flu are now posted almost everywhere. Emphasis on washing your hands, (for more than 20 seconds using a rubbing, friction action), and of course, covering your mouth when you cough with the inside of your elbow and not your hands are the best precautions.

Though mercury in vaccines does not cause Autism, the heavy metals most certainly trigger and further complicate it. Once a child has been diagnosed with Autism, it is globally recommended to limit intakes and exposure to heavy metals.

Mercury has allegedly been removed from all vaccines with the exception of some brands of the flu shot and some plain tetanus and diphtheria-tetanus shots. All other shots on the standard schedule either have no mercury at all or have it filtered out to barely detectable amounts.

Parents need to be both prepared and comfortable in questioning their doctors about the injections being given to their children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD. Dr. Sears of L.E.A.N. reports that Fluzone is the only 100% mercury free brand for infants, but parents need to make sure it’s the single-dose version of the shot. The large 10-dose bottle of Fluzone brand still contains the full dose of mercury.

With winter ending and the Flu season upon us, before vaccinating your child with ASD, ask your doctor for Fluzone. Tell him you demand single doses for your child’s age/ weight versus the cheaper method of drawing from the larger, mercury laden bottle. Be prepared to pay a little more.

Always remember to delay vaccinations of any kind if your child is already sick. A compromised immune system is not prepared to handle vaccines.

Heavy metals play a part in the interruptions and seizures associated with all spectrum disorders. Though Autism is pre-disposed, we certainly do not want to add to the barrage of interruptions already present in the brain of an Autistic child.

Be informed and be tough. Being your child’s advocate is a part of the remarkable journey of Autism.

Care+Share=Aware. -C.A. Curie


AUTISM. Negligence, American Idol, The Beatles & JT Music & YOU.

AUTISM. Negligence, American Idol Hope and YOU!

The video below of Kaleb is heartbreaking! Although they titled it Autism Battle, this is not my work. However, this story  points out what life without appropriate and accomodating therapy for Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD, can be like. The lack of resources offered to this family ay the appropriate ages was not fair to Kaleb or his family.

They didn’t know.

42 states are either NOT providing or only minimally providing accommodating appropriate services for children/persons with Autism, ASD.

Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA,  MUST be given to children at ages 3 and 4! It can take 15 years to do what one year of therapy could have done at the age of 3!
IF my ex-husband, kids and I had not recognized my son’s early ‘words’ and attempts at speech, he would have lost confidence and never spoken too!

“ee-aw” meant “all done”. We began to use his words so that he would understand our acceptance and TRUST us enough to try our language.
It’s an age old common sense approach that works…but you need to know what you’re doing and cannot miss the first few fragile opportunities. If you were in Russia and didn’t know the language…had NO resources…would you ramble on in English if no one understood you? Imagine now finally meeting someone bi-lingual in English/Russian would feel. Relief and hope at last! You would begin to learn and speak their language. This is a ‘bridge.’

40% of all children with Autism will never speak because parents/ caregivers do not know what to do. These kids should be in school at by 2! Screening methods are horrible, doctors do not know the signs of Autism and accommodations are minimal or nonexistent.
There is no excuse for this.
If anyone out there is deciding on career, there are AT LEAST 9 HIGH PAYING JOBS for every graduate with an ABA degree!
This mom, these brothers…and the boy himself will never have the life they could have had. This is what needs to be said. His brain can learn EVERYTHING typical kids can learn, but he has to be taught differently. Playing ‘catch up’ with Autism is hard or impossible.
You cannot WAIT. This is why I moved back to New York. There are 8 states providing Early Intervention with ABA. These kids, if untreated, cost taxpayers between 3.7 and 77 million in their lifetimes depending upon their medical, therapeutic and assisted living needs.
Early Intervention with ABA through the schools costs less than .5 million WITH all the other therapies included! Physical therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, speech therapy, 1:1 chaperones, Applied Behavior Analysis, etc…
PLEASE see the SPICE program at Elmcrest in Syracuse, NY. Please study your IDEA laws and battle for your kids. Please be your child’s voice until he can speak and his soldier and advocate until he can battle on his own.
I thank God that I did the research I did, had the strength to get into the Court systems and self represent our relocation, and drive a moving truck across the icy country last year to get my son help 3,000 miles away.
You CANNOT wait. You CANNOT depend on anyone but yourself. You CANNOT change the state you are in while your child is missing his opportunity.
70% of a child’s learning and language foundations are DONE by the age of 3!
No, he doesn’t know 70% of what he will know, his WAY of learning, Operating System, will be done. After that it is just data input, memorization, reasoning, etc…
MOVE! Get out! I am foreclosing on a half million dollar, 10 acre horse farm. I am living in poverty on my disability and child support alone. I closed my 3 businesses. I have been eating from food banks and churches. I had to divorce my husband. I GOT HELP FOR MY SON.
I could not go through life as a mortgagee instead of the mother of a functioning, SPEAKING, (though extremely impaired), reading, writing, singing, dancing, making eye contact, functioning son!
I am not alone. 10 families a week are migrating from the 42 states that should all be held on criminal counts of negligence to these families and their kids.
The 8 accommodating states are going broke. Why? Our President has given BILLIONS in stimulus to help BUT 42 states are taking the monies and NOT ACCOMMODATING! They are flying under the radar!
The Medicaid in those states does NOT cover appropriate treatment…even if you can find it!
The schools have nothing accommodating in place but they take the money.
IF these funds went solely to New York and the other 7 states…we would have TONS of money, no budget cuts in this area, no waiting lists and NO unnecessary tax payer burdens…and the kids and families would be so happy.
My son also did not want to be touched. he would RUN from you. He hated socks. This is called Tactile/ Sensory Dysfunction. A few months of technique at HOME cured this.
He now LOVES to hug, kiss, cuddle, tickle and be tickled. Thank God we can hug him.
When I started studying after diagnosis, this was the FIRST thing I treated. It almost cannot be done later because of your strength and the grown size of your child.
Are we really going to stay quiet?
The parents/ caregivers need to focus on their kids and not worry about lawmakers…those of us who have time can proactively share videos, share blogs, do whatever you can to raise Autism Awareness.

Globally, Autism is 1 in 68 with LESS than half of all persons screened/ diagnosed. This presents a probable 1 in 30 right now and it is growing.
In 1980, Autism was diagnosed at a rare 1 in 10,000.
It’s NOT the vaccines…those aren’t even available in many areas where Autism is equally on the rise.
Vaccines trigger Autism to show its face so it can be treated at the appropriate ages.
Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks, Dr. Temple Grandin, Bill Gates, Dan Aykroyd, Jason McElwain, James Durbin, Elvis Presley, Wolfgang Mozart, JAMES TAYLOR…the list is impressive and…They all have Autism!

For a longer list of famous persons with ASD and more information: 

Please JOIN autismbattle on facebook…!/home.php?sk=group_147899615269293&ap=1

Please share videos and links of CORRECT information so there won’t be any more people slipping through the cracks It’s not fair!

Kids, go to college to help these neighbors, loved ones…remarkable people by getting your degree as a Board certified Applied Behavior Analyst. This treatment has been researched and embraced as the correct treatment of all Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD, by the Board of Pediatrics for over 10 years.The research is DONE and being ignored…why?
The general population does NOT donate nearly as much AFTER there is a ‘cure.’ When is the last time you gave to AIDS? Autism is a HUGE money making machine of bad DVDs, books, political campaign platforms, false studies and non effective costly treatments, diets…etc…which are misleading and downright deceitful…and they know it!
Where are all the people with Autism EMPLOYED by the ‘Autism organizations?’ You won’t find them.
This is wrong.
Watch the video of Kaleb. His mom knew there was something wrong early enough to have helped her child. She didn’t have the information or resources. This same boy here in New York or 7 other states would be going to school in inclusion classes right next to our kids and grandkids.

Please tune into weekly.I will constantly update with techniiques, therapies, stories, tools and information to help.

I ask for everyone to NOT take my word face value…do your own research…be mindful of the dates, sources and motives.  Most importantly, are they making money by making you buy anything to get answers? I am not. Not a dime. These hours writing, posting, sharing and researching are yours free. I only ask that you please share too.
I can learn from your research. Knowledge and experiences as well.

What can we do? Our communities have accommodations for the hearing, sight, physically, etc…impaired,  but nothing is in place for these at least 87 MILLION people with ASD…

The number one cause of death with persons with ASD is wandering/ elements. Know the affected children in the neighborhood and look out for them. Parents, put logos and identifying symbols of Autism on your children’s clothing so that neighbors, emergency workers, retail associates and civil workers CAN keep a caring eye out for them.  Go to your neighbors and tell them your child has Autism. Have pictures and identifying information printed and hand it out. These kids look and sometimes act just like typical kids.

How can everyone help if they don’t know? This is no time for pride or denial. Don’t ever let it be too late. If you know a parent/ caregiver with an Autistic child, ask how you can help. I have personally gone 5 years without respite and the waiting lists go on for years. If you are in touch with lawmakers or are one, help bring in appropriate therapies and accommodating resources.

The number two cause of death with persons affected with Autistic Spectrum Disorders is drowning. Everyday an Autistic person drowns. Cover pools, know the affected children in the neighborhood and look out for them, Again, ask your lawmakers to bring in appropriate therapies, funding for existing or needed agencies and accommodating resources. Put gates around community lakes, swimming areas and even fountains.

Build restaurants with ‘picky eater’ menus and therapist supervised play areas where the children can see their parents and there are no play dangers…children with ASD number three cause of death is falling from heights. Keep play areas for them without tall structures please.

The face of ASD has been in our communities and gone undiagnosed. They may have seemed eccentric, unique, shy, extremely intelligent, talented or obviously affected.
The current favorite on American Idol, James Durbin is Autistic.
Iam posting a link to an amazing video that was NOT aired…a treat for all my friends who are Beatles fans…James Durbin slays the greatest version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, I have ever heard. WOW. (I wish he would do the vocal part from Pink Floyd between TIME and HOME AGAIN)…:

You will see that we have to help.
We can all be a part of this.
Remember this…the answers to ‘cures’ do not cost money. You don’t have to buy DVDs or books to get something like this. Websites like mine were nearly impossible to find in 2008 when my son was finally diagnosed. That’s why I’m doing this. Somewhere out there someone is reading this that need to know this or will join in making changes.
I am so grateful to have a computer and a laptop.  I am lucky to have the energy to stay up everynight doing my research and writing.  I am fortunate to have this ability to translate what I’ve learned and am learning into the therapies that are turning Autism, ASD, around in my amazing son.

I only wish I didn’t have to be so far from my older kids and my son’s daddy, (my ex-husband). These were the hardest sacrifices of all…for ALL of us.
I never knew we really could change the world. It really did start with the girl in the mirror just as Nay Nay said it would . We can all help make changes. At the very least, we can spread Autism Awareness.

‘ …I’ll be there to protect you, with an unselfish love that protects you. Whenever you need me, I’ll Be There…” -MJ

I feel like a bad Sally Struthers commercial at 2 o’clock in the morning pleading like this…but that’s OK too. This is no time for pride, shame, guilt or blame. This is time to share proactively however I can.
In the sense of functionality…in 85-90% of cases, Autism is ‘CURABLE’. These uniquely wonderful people may need accommodations, support, protection and some assistance…but they don’t have to be the stereo typical wall staring, head banging, speechless kids that my son not long afo was.
Thank you everyone.

I ask for everyone to NOT take my word face value…do your own research…be mindful of the dates, sources and motives.  Most importantly, are they making money by making you buy anything to get answers? I am not. Not a dime. These hours writing, posting, sharing and researching are yours free. I only ask that you please share too.
I can learn from your research. Knowledge and experiences as well.

What can we do? Our communities have accommodations for the hearing, sight, physically, etc…impaired,  but nothing is in place for these at least 87 MILLION people with ASD…

The number one cause of death with persons with ASD is wandering/ elements. Know the affected children in the neighborhood and look out for them. Parents, put logos and identifying symbols of Autism on your children’s clothing so that neighbors, emergency workers, retail associates and civil workers CAN keep a caring eye out for them.  Go to your neighbors and tell them your child has Autism. Have pictures and identifying information printed and hand it out. These kids look and sometimes act just like typical kids. How can everyone help if they don’t know? This is no time for pride or denial. Don’t ever let it be too late. If you know a parent/ caregiver with an Autistic child, ask how you can help. I have personally gone 5 years without respite and the waiting lists go on for years. If you are in touch with lawmakers or are one, help bring in appropriate therapies and accommodating resources.

The number two cause of death with persons affected with Autistic Spectrum Disorders is drowning. Everyday an Autistic person drowns. Cover pools, know the affected children in the neighborhood and look out for them, Again, ask your lawmakers to bring in appropriate therapies, funding for existing or needed agencies and accommodating resources. Put gates around community lakes, swimming areas and even fountains. Build restaurants with ‘picky eater’ menus and therapist supervised play areas where the children can see their parents and there are no play dangers…children with ASD number three cause of death is falling from heights. Keep play areas for them without tall structures please.

A local store owner in Syracuse, New York, Mr.Tai Shaw has offered to put free Autism Ribbon logos on one piece of clothing for all children in CNY with ASD for FREE. This is a tremendously generous and thoughtful offer and shows that we all can think of some way to contribute!
The face of ASD has been in our communities and gone undiagnosed. They may have seemed eccentric, unique, shy, extremely intelligent, talented or obviously affected.

This is a tragedy. This family is just starting appropriate treatments with ABA on their son, Kaleb who is far beyong the required age of 3-4 when this exact same therapy would have had maximum impact.

I moved 3,000 miles to get to the SPICE program in Syracuse, NY. I saw getting help for my son with Autism no less serious than if I would have had to move to St. Lukes. I had to trade in my husband, family, work, social, church and material past or my son would never have turned his diagnosis around.

My son is in the SPICE program in Syracuse getting ABA and it is working. We are doing it. We have chosen all of the correct battles and are winning the war on ASD. He is in a renowned ABA program along with numerous other therapeutic classes everyday in school.

I have gone from scared and ignorant, to being the proud mommy of a son with ASD. He’s in GREAT company and I cannot wait to see what his niche will be!
This is one of my other favorite people of all time…yup, he’s in the Autism Club too!




AUTISM. Gastrointestinal Disorders NOT a symptom.

AUTISM. Gastointestinal Disorders on the rise in ALL children. NOT a symptom of Autism.

The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, IFFGD states that Gastrointestinal Disorders, (GD), are common in ALL children. Therefore, linking such a symptom as GD to be a common denominator for children with Autism is incorrect.

Autistic children are more susceptible to ALL types of disorders and diseases. Thus, any diet related to a ‘cure’ specifically of Autism has not been proven. Most have been completely disproven.

The numerous, all over the board studies regarding children with Autistic Disorders, (AD) and links to GD, Gastrointestinal Disorders show results ranging from 20-75 percent. That’s a HUGE difference. Highly controlled and accredited research is not conclusive in showing GD to be a symptom of Autism, rather a condition which has risen in all children. A well balanced diet in children is essential to growth, period.

Wikipedia reports:

Unusual eating behavior occurs in about three-quarters of children with ASD, to the extent that it was formerly a diagnostic indicator. Selectivity is the most common problem, although eating rituals and food refusal also occur;[28] this does not appear to result in malnutrition. Although some children with autism also have gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, there is a lack of published rigorous data to support the theory that autistic children have more or different GI symptoms than usual;[43] studies report conflicting results, and the relationship between GI problems and ASD is unclear.[44]

Since the ‘picky eating’, or Gustatory Disorder and ‘starch junky’ tendencies are common place for Autistic children, it is more likely that their GD is caused from a poorly balanced diet.

We have got to stop reaching at straws and connecting disorders to Autism which percentage wise are equally applicable to ALL children.  We are confusing the issues and worst yet, the parents and caregivers.

If my child had diarrhea, he would not want to be social, play games, make eye contact or speak much, etc… Therefore, he would appear MORE Autistic. When his symptoms were relieved, he would appear LESS Autistic. There are thousands of conditions which can have parallel symptoms of Autism.

I would NEVER, however, use this type of a study to say that Kaopectate is a cure for Autism.

We have got to stop reaching for straws.


                                                    -C.A. Curie



Excerpt from an earlier post and extended article by this same author.



So, to answer those who, after hearing that Daryl Hannah has Autism, always ask…Daryl Hannah? I will begin my own list comprised of those with AD, or the characteristics that would qualify the diagnosis of AD. It is important to note that until the 1940s, Autism was mistakenly categorized as various other disorders such as Schizophrenia. Dr. Leo Kanner noted the uniquely distinct patterns of behaviors while at the same time Dr. Hans Asperger came up with the name “Autism.” In 1943, Dr. Kanner published the first book specifically related to Autism entitle, the Nervous Child. By actual diagnosis and characteristics of, this partial list was compiled.

With fame comes almost instant endorsement credibility. Societal acknowledgement that Autism is curable would bring it far more into the open and we all would be closer to ending debates and getting positive results! We would stop crucifying each other and stand together to battle Autism.

In summation, I wanted to share the partially compiled list of famous characteristically AD persons with the readers in hopes of turning around the negative stigma associated with our children’s diagnosis. I personally wish that some of them would come forward and speak out until our kids are able to. The successes tell the story: autism is curable and hard, appropriate therapy at the correct age frame is the key.

“Daryl Hannah is Autistic?” “Really?”

Daryl Hannah is an Autistic person, really!  OK, and how about her co-star Tom Hanks?  Tom Hanks is also Autistic. Surprised? Then how about Peter Howson, Luke Jackson, Heather Kuzmich, Virginia Woolf, William Shakespeare, Hans Christian Anderson, Goethe, Isaac Asimov,  Craig Nicholls, Alexander Graham Bell, Gary Numan, Tim Page, Dawn Prince-Hughes, Vernon L. Smith, Satoshi Tajiri, Raymond Thompson, Liane Holliday Willey, Michelle Dawson, Temple Grandin, Caiseal Mor, Hikari Oe, Dylan Scott Pierce, Jim Sinclair, Amanda Baggs, Lucy Blackman, Alonzo Clemons, Tony DeBlois, Christopher Knowles, Leslie Lemke, Jonathan Lerman, Jason McElwain, Thristan Mendoza, Tito Mukhopadhyay, Derek Paravicini, Kim Peek, James Henry Pullen, Matt Savage, Birger Sellin, Henriett Seth,  Daniel Tammet, Richard Wawro, Stephen Wiltshire, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt,  William Taft,  Harry Truman,  Ludwig Van Beethoven, Elvis Presley, Peter the Great, Wilhelm II, Alexander the Great, Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jeremy Bentham, Socrates, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Charles Dickinson, Jane Austen, Béla Bartók, Ludwig von Beethoven, Anton Bruckner, Henry Cavendish, Emily Dickinson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Kaspar Hauser, Oliver Heaviside, Thomas Jefferson, Carl Jung, Franz Kafka, Wasily Kandinsky, H P Lovecraft, Ludwig II, 1845-1886, King of Bavaria, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Gustav Mahler, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, Richard Strauss, Nikola Tesla, Henry Thoreau, Alan Turing, Mark Twain, Vincent Van Gogh, Matthew Laborteaux, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Isaac Asimov, Hans Asperger, John Denver, Glenn Gould, Jim Henson, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hughes, Andy Kaufman, L S Lowry, Charles Schulz, Andy Warhol, Woody Allen, Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan, Joseph Erber, Bobby Fischer, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jeff Greenfield. David Helfgott, Garrison Keillor, John Motson, John Nash, Keith Olbermann, Michael Palin, Keanu Reeves, Oliver Sacks, James Taylor, Dezi Carden, Dan Aykroyd, Shannon Bull, Louis IV of France, Catherine the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Tork, Stephen Spielburg…

Just to name a few…

I am so excited that my son has joined the ranks of some of the undeniably most remakable, brilliant and talented people in our lives and history!

Welcome to AUTISM!!

CARE+SHARE=AWARE! Please share this!



Jen McCarthy Son NOT AUTISTIC? Read on!

Jen McCarthy’s son, EVAN, is NOT AUTISTIC? The ‘Age of Autism’ is now the ‘Age of Artifice.’

The picture of total cure painted by Jen McCarthy SOLELY through the use of ‘The Gluten Free, Casein Free Diet,’ was completely misrepresented.

In fact, her son Evan was also receiving conventional, intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy as well as a host of alternative approaches, including a gluten-free and casein-free (GFCF) diet, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, chelating, aromatherapies, electromagnetics, spoons rubbed on his body, multivitamin therapy, B-12 shots and a range of prescription drugs.

Four of the aforementioned therapies are known to be very dangerous. ABA, (Applied Behavior Analysis), therapy is the major therapy embraced for over 10 years by the Board of Pediatrics in the successful treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD . If there was significant progress due to any of her therapies, it was the behavioral modifications incorporated in the ABA treatments.

More alarming at this point is that Evan characteristically DID NOT EVER HAVE AUTISM, ASD in the first place! In short, if Jen had done nothing, Evan would have made a FULL RECOVERY!  

A condition called Landau-Kleffner syndrome, (a rare childhood neurological disorder that can also result in speech impairment and rare long-term neurological damage), is often initially identified as ASD until the early full recovery is reached. At that point, it is clear that the child never had ASD. Autistic Spectrum Disorders are NOT fully curable. Evans delays, symptoms and full recovery are characteristic of Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, not ASD. Jen is not rushing to receive a new diagnosis as this would be another huge blow to ‘The Age of Autism,’ and should FINALLY end her multi-billion dollar spokesperson income. Perhaps this is the reason why Jen has again turned her sights back to her fictional sex related beginnings.

No wonder Jim left. She’s damaged his great name and reputation enough. Jen is a manipulator much like, (her partner in crime), Andrew Wakefield. (We no longer have to refer to him as ‘Doctor’…he lost that privilege). I am thinking of those single persons in history that first appeared to have good intentions but ultimately destroyed life.

One should applaud Jen for her diligence and tenacity indeed. She didn’t cure her son…he’s NOT AUTISTIC in the first place!  Additionally, the stance of the public-health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the pediatricians of the American Academy of Pediatrics, “this makes McCarthy much worse than a crank: she’s a menace to public health.”

This past January, even after he lost his ability to practice medicine, (which isn’t easy to do without concrete facts), Jen continued her stand on defending the quack whose works have been stricken from medical journals and is no longer allowed to practice medicine because of his false, deliberate vaccine-injury Autism reports.

Even in his critical interviews on CNN, Wakefield is trying to flash his co-authored book at the camera instead of answering direct questions.

In numerous interviews about his fraud scandal, when asked directly if vaccines cause Autism, he immediately changes the subject to his bowel research. After being asked repeatedly, “Do vaccines cause Autism?” His answer is, “No, I never said that.” When reminded that he was at the heart of the anti-vaccine movement and never tried to stop it, he returned to using his unrelated research on bowels as a defense.

All of the real Doctors who participated in the notorious anti-vaccine works have likewise debunked Wakefield.

It’s no wonder McCarthy and Wakefield campaign side by side, the latest book on the driven into the ground topic is a shared work between them. This writer can only wonder how much these two share…he WAS a doctor and didn’t even realize her son characteristically had Landau-Keffner Syndrome and NOT Autism?

The current number of children who’ve been injured by preventative diseases since June 3, 2007 tolls in at 74,591 and the number of otherwise preventable deaths reigns in at 651. (Up 41 from 610 yesterday). Number of Autism Diagnosis scientifically linked to Vaccinations, **0**. These numbers from the Jen McCarthy body count continue to rise weekly.

A quote from their site: reads as follows;

“Is Jen McCarthy directly responsible for every vaccine preventable illness and every vaccine preventable death listed here?  No.  However, as the unofficial spokesperson for the United States anti-vaccination movement she may be indirectly responsible for at least some of these illnesses and deaths and even one vaccine preventable illness or vaccine preventable death is too many.”

By the way, Jen’s newest personal book release is entitled:

Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance .

Jen has at least two very different faces, literally. She is definitely an expert on lies and faking. Maybe this fiction release is her greatest honest work.

This writer has grown to dislike, and asks everyone to join me in boycotting and/or sharing in whatever way you can anyone who:

  • uses our children as guinea pigs to get rich,
  • publicizes false claims,  
  • impedes the path to early intervention,  
  • fails to make public corrections or remove false materials, and/or
  •  knowingly causes further harm to our children

 Who are already affected with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ASD.

We’ve already lost enough precious time and now need to help correct our generation of unprotected children along with our battle for children affected with ASD.



AUTISM. Preventatable Deaths and Illnesses since 2007

For a daily updated count of illnesses and deaths from otherwise preventable illnesses, bookmark this page…and please SHARE!

Jen McCarthy’s Body Count:


Taken from Autism News Science and Opinions:

When is Jenny McCarthy Honest?

-by Ken

Is she honest in April 2008? There are some who wonder what we mean when we say “recovering” from autism.

 ….we think there are treatments that often bring about such healing, so that the observable symptoms of the condition no longer exist.

We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines.

Or is she honest in June 2008?

 A lot of people are scared to chelate, which is the process of pulling metals out of the body, but it has triggered many recoveries. … Everyone has their own recipe to recovery, but your child might need chelation to get there. With a DAN doctor, I mean these guys are so good, they will help, you know, make sure your child is safe, your child has the minerals it needs to do it. … I’m, of course, scared to do it with Evan, but I plan on doing it this summer because Evan still suffers from seizures……

 (Contributor from Autism One Conference wishes to remain anonymous).

 So, in April 2008, Evan McCarthy is recovered (‘we believe what helped Evan recover…’). Not recovering but recovered. We can also see that among the treatments the helped Evan ‘recover’ is ‘detox of metals’.

 Fast forward two months later and apparently Even needs chelation. Why? Back in April he’s recovered. Now he’s not? Now he needs chelation? And what for? Back in April, one of the ‘treatments’ that ‘recovered’ Evan was ‘detox of metals’. So why does he need to be chelated?

 Can we add this to the other things that McCarthy has been slightly, ummm, vague about? Such as the fate of her website? It existed in May 2007 as I blogged about it. But by July 2007 it had disappeared. Jenny’s explanation (from June 2008)?

 SS: “You mention the word Indigo. What happened to your Indigo Moms website?”

 JM: “You know I had to take that down and I was so sad to take it down, for a while anyways, it’ll be coming back up. People got really confused because I was coming out with Evan’s autism at the same time. And, they thought that I was healing Evan through Tarot cards instead of biomedical treatments.

So I realized I had to separate my messages and I had to take down one message which is the indigo and crystals, for now. I said, ‘oh the world is getting confused with these two different paths,’ you know. I consider them to be one. But people aren’t quite there yet and I kinda had to, not lower my vibration, change my vibration to focusing on the world hearing that message. Hearing that biomedical treatment does help these kids.

Right, right – oh the world is getting confused….so Jen just lowered her vibration and took her indigomoms site down.


I am in complete agreement that this woman needs to be seen for what the CDC and Board of Pediatrics now states she is, “a menace to society.”






                -C.A. Curie

ANY ONE OF THESE SYMPTOMS JUSTIFIES AN IMMEDITAE APPOINTMENT WITH A QUALIFIED, AUTISM-AWARE PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST!! Many GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, (Family Doctors), are not continuing to educate themselves with cutting edge research, techniques, causes, therapies or current knowledge regarding Autism.

 Most doctor’s and educators do not know the signs, symptoms, red flags, etc…of Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD. Further, MOST DOCTORS ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO FORMALLY DIAGNOSE, BUT ONLY TO REFER YOU AND YOUR CHILD TO A PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST.

Do not let your child slip through the cracks because of anyone’s lack of Autism awareness.  It happened to me and my sons for 14 months until a Pediatric Neurologist self-referred. My deepest thanks to Dr. Vera Korol at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Tacoma, Washington.





**Normal Speech Development in Toddlers**

According to BornLearning, the average 18-month-old should be able to say 8 to 20 words, follow one-step directions, and identify objects in a book. By the time children are 24 months old, they should have a 50- to 100-word vocabulary.**

Regardless of the wives tales you’ve been told about “just being a slow talker”, you must seek out, (DEMAND), an appointment with a neurological pediatrician to make the assessment.

ANY withdrawal from your touch or the tendency to prefer no clothing, (especially socks), is a sign of tactile dysfunction, a sign of Autism.

The ‘picky eater,’ or Gustatory disorder is a sign of Autism.

Inconsolable temper tantrums, (melt downs), with or without apparent reasons are a sign of Autism.

If your child seems obsessed with inflicting pain on himself, you or others, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child ‘tippy-toes,’ this is a sign of Autism.

If your child spins in circles, pats his head, rocks or flaps his hands, these are signs of Autism.

If your child continues to do any activity for long periods or over and over, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child frequently covers his ears, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child screams for long periods without reasons for apparent pain, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child constantly hums, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child is reluctant to changes, this is a sign of Autism.

Any aversions or overly strong preferences to lights or sounds are signs of Autism.

If your child hasn’t blown a raspberry by the age of one, it is a sign of speech delay, or a sign of Autism.

If your child appears at times to be hearing impaired and does not respond to your voice, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has sleep disturbance, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child dislikes certain textures, taste or touch, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child seems emotionally withdrawn, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child says the same phrase over and over, (and over), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child seems delayed in any physical reas of growth, (delays), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child loses any skills, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child appears to be hard of hearing, (and you have had his hearing checked), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child does not or cannot make certain sounds, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child under or over reacts to situations, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child seems to be ‘different’ or ‘unique’ compared to other developing children, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers play with Adults over children, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an affinity to align his personality to a super hero or cartoon character, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child cannot self feed, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child cannot make eye contact or tends to stare through you, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child gets ‘stuck’ on certain foods and refuses to try others, especially if he once tried everything, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers only ‘mushy’ foods, (baby foods, puddings), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child cannot read your facial expressions or has inappropriate expressions, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child appears to be too perfect and adheres to every rule, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child does not develop friendships with peers, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child is literal or takes everything literally, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child does not understand humor, puns or double meanings, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child beginss to read or write before he is speaking, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an obsession with numbers, letters, counting or the alphabet, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child walks away from you, or wanders, and does not seem to hear you call him, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child loves to be in high places, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an aversion to, or more than likely, is drawn to, WATER, this is a sign of Autism.

The highest incidents of Autism related deaths are as a result of wandering, drowning and falling. -AWAARE)

If your child prefers grunting and pointing rather than the use of words, (caveman characteristics), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child’s field of vision does not follow your finger if you point, this is a sign of autism.

If your child has perfect speech but cannot converse, or his words to not match their meanings, this could be echolalia; a sign of Autism.

If your child has perfect speech and uses a greater vocabulary than other children, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an imaginary friend, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has repetitive behaviors, speech or movement, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child rejects your hugs, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child rubs a spot where he has been touched or acts as though it was a bee sting or needle poke, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child looks at things from a corner or strange perspective, (like the TV or a stack of blocks), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child over or under reacts to obvious pain, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child loves to line things up, arrange things in order, play with only one color, or if your child remembers exactly how things were arranged and never wants to change them, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child’s learning is primarily through mimicking, those around him or the television, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers only starchy foods, whether he over eats or under eats them, he is a ‘starch junky.’ This is a sign of Autism.

If your child eats things like dirt, play-doh, or even detergents, this is pica; this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has repeating gastrointestinal issues (stomach aches), this is a sign of autism.

If your child seems to remember things perfectly, this is a sign of Autism.

Obsessions with organization and routine, and the inability to accept change in those is a potential sign of Autism.

If your child will always do things the same way or insists that you do (same video, same book, same places, same times, same activities), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers to play alone, and can play for long periods without social interaction, this is a sign of Autism.

If you have any ONE of the above listed concerns, your child could be Autistic. Make an immediate appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist (The sooner the better).

It is better to seek a diagnosis and not get one then to not seek one and miss the child’s greatest chance for quality life; Early Intervention. 

Err on the side of caution, please.

Do NOT rely on a diagnosis of any other doctor unless he specifically practices medicine with Autistic Disorders as a specialty. Ask to see proof and results. Remember, it was a medical doctor who lied to us about vaccine danger.

I hope this list helps, but it won’t if it’s not read and shared.


Please post this where you work, go to school, your church, workplaces, subways, bus stations, the borders, your websites, your home and Time Square if possible. Please share this.


Autism Awareness, the legal system and undiagnosed persons dangerous.

As our children are ‘labeled’ with Autism, there remains a stigma attached to any person who has a disability other than physical. This results in a huge number of parents who actually fight against getting the label of Autism for their kids.  That single diagnosis could also translate into services and resources which would change the course of their child’s entire life. (Depending on the state where you live).

I was recently sitting in an emergency room waiting area with a woman who was complaining to another woman that her child had refused food for two days. I continued to observe and noticed that the young boy, 2, had no intelligible words. Each time she attempted to touch or kiss him he pulled away. Hardly able to breathe from seeing what I was seeing and knowing what I now know, I had to speak up.

I asked if her child was a picky eater, hated wearing clothes and preferred to play alone. Her answer was unequivocally, “yes!” I then asked more about his tantrums, need to ‘organize’ and other quirks. She agreed to every question for his age group on the list of Autism red flags, so I popped the big question. “Have you had your child screened for Autism?” From the looks of both women you would have thought I had just accused her of murder.

She belligerently replied, “my son has been seen twice by a doctor and he never said that. There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just a slow talker.”

I realized that my insight was unwelcomed and I had stepped out of line.  The ‘Autism’ label is not yet acceptable.

Our society is still viewing any diagnosis of impairment other than physical as a curse of doom. Awareness of Autism is on the rise but clearly not in the hands of our neighbors….yet.

Undiagnosed children, (persons), regardless of condition, are at far greater risk to themselves and others than a managed diagnosed person.

The fear of the labels attained by diagnosis is turning our culture upside down as it has for centuries.

Whether it be Autism, Bi-Polar or clinical depression, at least our Courts are starting to respect managed disabled persons.

While recently studying law, I learned of a violent man in family court defending his abuses by alleging horrible things about his soon to be ex wife, (though she was an excellent mother, high functioning and brilliant), simply because she was ‘bi-polar II,  manic.’ (She’s in good company with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, etc…). Bi-Polars also get a very bad rap though there are millions of them functioning within our society. She replied calmly, “your honor, I am diagnosed and managing my disability, he refuses diagnosis.” That statement of fact combined with a string of protection orders against him left the door wide open to any combination of presumptions.

The court gave her sole custody and permission to relocate out of state with her older children and to get help for their Autistic son 3,000 miles away from him. The Commissioner saw greater stability in a person managing their disability than a violent person in denial. 

He later followed her and within weeks was in trouble with the law again and had to flee from her new State.

He has pending charges.

He stopped making all contact with the child and quickly fell months behind in support. The same Court had to threaten contempt to garnish his Court ordered payments. He had no respect for the law.

In less than 6 months, he had lost it all, the family, the family home, his inheritance, 3 home businesses, her furniture, personal possessions and her vehicle.  She had gladly surrendered her material things to him to facilitate her and the children’s exodus. She only cared about her children and their best interests.

His diagnosis remains unsought after and therefore unsolved.

The Court recognized the fact that an ‘undiagnosed’ person does NOT necessitate a ‘typical’ person. On the contrary undiagnosed persons have made up a tremendous part of the unemployed, uneducated, institutionalized, incarcerated and dysfunctional portions of our societies throughout history.

Failure to seek out correct diagnosis’ and ‘labels’ leads to needless destruction of lives. Denial is never good and stigmas can kill. Even the smallest of disabilities can amplify and cause damage to life if gone undiagnosed and/or untreated.

Some people are also quick to play self-proclaimed psychiatrists and think they know what a diagnosis or label means in others. Without the education, background or awareness in any given disability, they are usually wrong and will manipulate a label into ridicule, intimidation and an attack on the diagnosed person’s self esteem. This is all a part of the reason we as a society fear being diagnosed!  We fear those who would use them against us in our jobs, communities, relationships and lives.

Though “we feel a change a comin’, it is not fully here yet. However, the fact that a Court protected neurologically impaired mom, who was managing her disabling condition, is a sign of hope.

As we as a society tear down the stigmas of mental, neurological and emotional deficiencies, we are clearing a brighter path for our children with Autism.

I applaud that Commissioner for acknowledging the strength of a responsible, managed affected mom. Additionally, her decision to allow the mom to relocate for the best interests of the child is land mark. The father proved his disconcern for the mother, his son, the law, his own short comings and the Court himself.

Mental, neurological and emotional disabilities, (when being treated), are not a carte blanche defense for proving any type of instability.

Twenty, fifteen or even ten years ago, (depending on the state), her diagnosis might have lost her the child and the child’s best interests.

It would be nice if the woman in the emergency room would have a comfort zone with the truth about Autism and its wonderful, endless possibilities. The diagnosis and treatment of Autism would strengthen her own life and the life of her son. She too could be looking out for her own, and her child’s best interests.

Autism Awareness is coming…slowly.


Please share this. Thank you.


AUTISM LIES. Vaccines and ‘The Gluten Free Casein Free Diet’…and Daryl Hannah?

Vaccines will not cause Autism and the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet will not cure it.

“Disease outbreaks are pointing unvaccinated children whose parents were grossly misinformed and are now just beginning to pay the price. Measles Outbreaks Blamed on Unvaccinated Kids”: Health officials reported this week that cases of measles are on the rise in the United States – they blame parents who don’t vaccinate their children.” Oct,

A headline in Better Health reads, “More Unvaccinated Children Cause Public Health Fears To Increase”, and goes on to explain, ‘ “the Vaccine Book, is, as Dr. Rahul Parikh puts it, “a nightmare for pediatricians like me.”

With regards to the GFCF diet, (Gluten Free, Casein Free) diet, since 1967, clinical research showed no effect on Autism. FIVE YEARS before Jen McCarthy was born. Even so, she greedily wrote her book. Sadly, even last evening I was speaking on the phone with a woman who just got the diagnosis of Autism for her son. When she asked the doctor what to do, the first recommendation was to begin ‘the diet.’ My own son’s results have been and continue to be mirrored around the globe daily.  Once off the GFCF diet and back onto a nutritionally balanced diet with milk and even, yes, nitrite laden Happy Meals, my son began significantly improving.

The groups that still hang on to pending law suits and bad campaigns against vaccine companies are of course, quite embarrassed and are putting personal pride before global cure. As long as there are smoke screens and witch hunts going on, real cures are left to the curb.

The child that eventually does show any growth is attributed solely to their diet with any weight being given to normal growth or any other environmental, accidental or intentional therapies being done. People will go to great lengths to be ‘correct.’

Why is this happening? Pride, yes. Primarily though, Autism is a huge money maker. People contribute to finding ‘cures’ and these kids all make beautifully angelic poster children. The fact is that the ‘cure’ has been out there all along. It is ignored because it is FREE and because the money will not be coming in at such a pace if that fact gets out!

This movement is fueled by money driven pharmaceutical companies, politicians, a lack of public awareness, gullible audiences, unaccommodating school districts, unknowledgeable doctors, lazy care givers, panicking parents, etc…This is tragic.

My dad told me the most intelligent three words I could ever use in my lifetime were, “I don’t know.’ That’s correct. If you don’t know the answer, then say so. When you substitute bad information for lack of knowledge you could hurt somebody. In these cases, you could hurt the population.

How badly did their greed hurt us? Will won’t know that answer fully for decades. The immediate effects have begun.

Well, we now have an entire generation of unvaccinated kids. Good job ‘Dr. Wakefield’…NOT. Guess what parents…now your unvaccinated child is Autistic AND susceptible to horrific childhood diseases. Further, insurance companies are either dropping unvaccinated kids, or charging higher prices. If yours isn’t yet, be thankful because they are all following suit. Your unvaccinated child is a risk himself and to the community.

Then there are the parents who’ve been dolling out cartons and cartons of health food brand almond and rice milk. I KNOW because I was one of them for 8 months. You probably didn’t harm your child as long as you were also advocating, researching and staying at home doing the 24/7 therapy required. However, if you were solely depending upon a fad ‘diet’ to cure your child and not seeking out Early Intervention, you have short changed your child. You can never get those critical young months back.

Jen’s book was NOT based upon a double blind, placebo, clinical, etc…trial. It was a shot at a quick million and she succeeded. I don’t even know what she ever did before this malicious book…Who is she anyway?

Let’s put this into perspective. If everyone will continue to ignore that this diet has been disproven…then let me also throw this at you.

To break a child out of Autistic silence, the child has to WANT to interact. Knowing what research has proven about the highly animated ‘Mary Poppins’ style required to break through and continue therapy successfully with Autism, please now ask yourself this one single question.

Would a child want to break out of Autism for a glass of rice milk or a life interacting with Pet Detective? Eureka! I would welcome Jim Carey,

Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Ellen, even Wubbzy or Barney into the home of these kids because THAT is the cure!

Shame on this woman for keeping her book on the shelves. I’m guessing that Dr. Wakefield will also leave his works out there to help pay attorney fees and restitutions.  Imagine, an entire generation swayed by two people’s one sided, greed driven works. Both are false and have damaged us globally. Where are the charges against Jen? I would think she would be morally obligated to, at the very least, ‘generation rescue’ to admit she is wrong.

In fact, despite the release 1 year ago by the report in journal Pediatrics giving no merit to the fad diet, Jen publicly dismissed their entire study still attributing her son’s ‘cure’ to rice products instead of the relationship between Carey and the boy. Hollywood celebs are too often given unearned credibility. I just did some background research and as it turns out, Jen was a playboy star. No comment.

We must ask to see results. Not one sided results from groups all following the same patterns. It is the differences between groups having the same progress that will eliminate such fads. The mere fact that Autism is on the rise equally in places around the globe that do NOT even have vaccines should have made even simple minds question Dr. ‘Quack’field. Additionally,  Autism is being healed in countless cases where cow’s milk and Happy Meals are part of a regular diet. This means that we were/are blindly jumping overboard with Jen and Andrew at the helm collecting our finances as we bail(ed).

Let’s stop pouting, believing, fighting with each other and denying. This time let’s stay focused.

Autism is curable.

If we’re going to believe every word a gorgeous Hollywood Blonde has to say, maybe we should listen to Daryl Hannah instead of Jen McCarthy.

Daryl is Autistic.