AUTISM. MAYO DECISION IN, The Gluten Free Casein Free Diet is OUT!

AUTISM. Mayo Denounces The Gluten Free Casein Free Diet!

On January 26, 2011, in a Q&A portion of its website, the Mayo Clinic weighed in on the gluten free, casein free (GFCF) diet for autism. Dr. Jay Hoecker, emeritus consultant for the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, stated that there was “no evidence that special diets are an effective autism treatment” and that “restrictive diets can lead to nutritional deficiencies.”

Thanks largely to an ever present lack of Autism Awareness in the US, campaigns like the ‘Gluten Free, Casein Free Diet’ are far more hurtful than helpful. These greed induced media bombs, like the vaccine tragedy, are the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that keep true therapy seekers distracted from the required 24/7 hard work in the home that IS CRITICAL and PROVEN in Autism healing/ growth.

We are a society that points fingers, sues and witch hunts. We blame each other, schools, vaccines and anything else we can while looking for quick fixes for everything.

Any home brewed diet based upon lack of evidence, (or not), should not be used haphazardly. A professional nutritionist or doctor should be overseeing any type of diet being used on a child and on a frequent basis. Without these measures, you can leave your Autistic child further behind the eight ball than he already is. Not many caregivers have access to the knowledge and diagnostic tools, (like blood work, urine samples, Blood pressure, vitals, interpretations of, etc… ), or nutritional savvy needed in order to keep a constant monitoring on a child’s well being.

My son’s healing, (at a very rapid ace), began when I had gotten off the diet and put him back on milks, yogurts, Happy Meals, Pediasure and Ensure. The theory that the GFCF seals the ‘leaky gut’ and therefore ‘chelating’, (ridding the body of heavy metals), looks great in print. The missing piece is that regardless of the measures you take, we are dumping the heavy metals right back in! So, why bother spending all that time and money? It just doesn’t work. (Chelating has also been disproven but that’s a forthcoming article).

This should not be the battle. We are spinning wheels and focusing on ‘fads’ other than the proven facts about what exactly heals our children. I have never read a single shred of paper stating that ABA, (Applied Behavior Analysis), floor time, complete dedication, the ‘Mary Poppins’ approach, learn through play or any other behavior modification based therapy was disproven or brought into question. That’s what we should all be doing. It works and it cannot hurt.

Australia, the UK and India are leaps and bounds ahead of us on their Autism awareness and ‘curing’ percentages. (‘Curing,’ meaning the goal of functioning, happy, communicating children showing significant growth and results). Those countries are basing therapy on behavior, not diet modifications.

All children need to eat well. Most cannot afford specialized diets. Everyone can afford to learn correct therapy.

Temple Grandin’s mother did not use the GFCF diet. Neither did the majority of parents of the greatest known Autistic adults who are now fully functional. These are facts.

One can search any number of alleged ‘fixes’ and find someone touting ‘results.’ My son is my result. The parents I study with and blog with are real. The diet has failed. The positive results in all GFCF studies could also have been brought about by other factors, (like having a highly animated and charismatic Jim Carey move in).

The GFCF Diet is expensive, (to say the least), and making poor families spend their last dime or feel terrible that they cannot afford it is just cruel. Autism is more prevalent within the upper middle and richer classes and the more educated. That means that the people who don’t even know about the diet, cannot read about it and cannot afford it have less cases of Autism in the first place. Hmmmm…there’s that common sense thing again.

Enough said for now. Positive and correct proven information will stop another vaccine scare or fad diet from overshadowing the critical work and societal readiness that should be happening.

Did we not learn anything from the ‘AIDS’ era? We were so busy jumping on misinformation band wagons and stereotyping that other nations grew more than 10 years ahead of us on the ‘cure!’ How many of our loved ones were unnecessarily lost during that time period? We are still grieving. We were dead wrong. As a result, countless lives are dead because we were wrong.

Let’s not repeat such a horrific pattern of ignorance.

I, like many other parents, am witnessing the behavioral modification based complete turnaround in Autism. My son and I are living it right now. It is remarkable, miraculous and above all, it is free.

How many millions of dollars need to be spent on administering, researching and ultimately eliminating completely this diet fad? I say, Jen, have some decency, remove your book and come out and tell the truth. The Gluten Free, Casein Free Diet does not work.

Let’s not spend another penny on this fad.

Early detection and intervention of ASD is the bottom line. Let’s stay focused!




AUTISM. Preventatable Deaths and Illnesses since 2007

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Jen McCarthy’s Body Count:


Taken from Autism News Science and Opinions:

When is Jenny McCarthy Honest?

-by Ken

Is she honest in April 2008? There are some who wonder what we mean when we say “recovering” from autism.

 ….we think there are treatments that often bring about such healing, so that the observable symptoms of the condition no longer exist.

We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines.

Or is she honest in June 2008?

 A lot of people are scared to chelate, which is the process of pulling metals out of the body, but it has triggered many recoveries. … Everyone has their own recipe to recovery, but your child might need chelation to get there. With a DAN doctor, I mean these guys are so good, they will help, you know, make sure your child is safe, your child has the minerals it needs to do it. … I’m, of course, scared to do it with Evan, but I plan on doing it this summer because Evan still suffers from seizures……

 (Contributor from Autism One Conference wishes to remain anonymous).

 So, in April 2008, Evan McCarthy is recovered (‘we believe what helped Evan recover…’). Not recovering but recovered. We can also see that among the treatments the helped Evan ‘recover’ is ‘detox of metals’.

 Fast forward two months later and apparently Even needs chelation. Why? Back in April he’s recovered. Now he’s not? Now he needs chelation? And what for? Back in April, one of the ‘treatments’ that ‘recovered’ Evan was ‘detox of metals’. So why does he need to be chelated?

 Can we add this to the other things that McCarthy has been slightly, ummm, vague about? Such as the fate of her website? It existed in May 2007 as I blogged about it. But by July 2007 it had disappeared. Jenny’s explanation (from June 2008)?

 SS: “You mention the word Indigo. What happened to your Indigo Moms website?”

 JM: “You know I had to take that down and I was so sad to take it down, for a while anyways, it’ll be coming back up. People got really confused because I was coming out with Evan’s autism at the same time. And, they thought that I was healing Evan through Tarot cards instead of biomedical treatments.

So I realized I had to separate my messages and I had to take down one message which is the indigo and crystals, for now. I said, ‘oh the world is getting confused with these two different paths,’ you know. I consider them to be one. But people aren’t quite there yet and I kinda had to, not lower my vibration, change my vibration to focusing on the world hearing that message. Hearing that biomedical treatment does help these kids.

Right, right – oh the world is getting confused….so Jen just lowered her vibration and took her indigomoms site down.


I am in complete agreement that this woman needs to be seen for what the CDC and Board of Pediatrics now states she is, “a menace to society.”






                -C.A. Curie

ANY ONE OF THESE SYMPTOMS JUSTIFIES AN IMMEDITAE APPOINTMENT WITH A QUALIFIED, AUTISM-AWARE PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST!! Many GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, (Family Doctors), are not continuing to educate themselves with cutting edge research, techniques, causes, therapies or current knowledge regarding Autism.

 Most doctor’s and educators do not know the signs, symptoms, red flags, etc…of Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD. Further, MOST DOCTORS ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO FORMALLY DIAGNOSE, BUT ONLY TO REFER YOU AND YOUR CHILD TO A PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST.

Do not let your child slip through the cracks because of anyone’s lack of Autism awareness.  It happened to me and my sons for 14 months until a Pediatric Neurologist self-referred. My deepest thanks to Dr. Vera Korol at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Tacoma, Washington.





**Normal Speech Development in Toddlers**

According to BornLearning, the average 18-month-old should be able to say 8 to 20 words, follow one-step directions, and identify objects in a book. By the time children are 24 months old, they should have a 50- to 100-word vocabulary.**

Regardless of the wives tales you’ve been told about “just being a slow talker”, you must seek out, (DEMAND), an appointment with a neurological pediatrician to make the assessment.

ANY withdrawal from your touch or the tendency to prefer no clothing, (especially socks), is a sign of tactile dysfunction, a sign of Autism.

The ‘picky eater,’ or Gustatory disorder is a sign of Autism.

Inconsolable temper tantrums, (melt downs), with or without apparent reasons are a sign of Autism.

If your child seems obsessed with inflicting pain on himself, you or others, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child ‘tippy-toes,’ this is a sign of Autism.

If your child spins in circles, pats his head, rocks or flaps his hands, these are signs of Autism.

If your child continues to do any activity for long periods or over and over, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child frequently covers his ears, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child screams for long periods without reasons for apparent pain, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child constantly hums, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child is reluctant to changes, this is a sign of Autism.

Any aversions or overly strong preferences to lights or sounds are signs of Autism.

If your child hasn’t blown a raspberry by the age of one, it is a sign of speech delay, or a sign of Autism.

If your child appears at times to be hearing impaired and does not respond to your voice, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has sleep disturbance, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child dislikes certain textures, taste or touch, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child seems emotionally withdrawn, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child says the same phrase over and over, (and over), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child seems delayed in any physical reas of growth, (delays), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child loses any skills, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child appears to be hard of hearing, (and you have had his hearing checked), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child does not or cannot make certain sounds, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child under or over reacts to situations, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child seems to be ‘different’ or ‘unique’ compared to other developing children, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers play with Adults over children, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an affinity to align his personality to a super hero or cartoon character, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child cannot self feed, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child cannot make eye contact or tends to stare through you, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child gets ‘stuck’ on certain foods and refuses to try others, especially if he once tried everything, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers only ‘mushy’ foods, (baby foods, puddings), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child cannot read your facial expressions or has inappropriate expressions, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child appears to be too perfect and adheres to every rule, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child does not develop friendships with peers, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child is literal or takes everything literally, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child does not understand humor, puns or double meanings, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child beginss to read or write before he is speaking, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an obsession with numbers, letters, counting or the alphabet, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child walks away from you, or wanders, and does not seem to hear you call him, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child loves to be in high places, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an aversion to, or more than likely, is drawn to, WATER, this is a sign of Autism.

The highest incidents of Autism related deaths are as a result of wandering, drowning and falling. -AWAARE)

If your child prefers grunting and pointing rather than the use of words, (caveman characteristics), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child’s field of vision does not follow your finger if you point, this is a sign of autism.

If your child has perfect speech but cannot converse, or his words to not match their meanings, this could be echolalia; a sign of Autism.

If your child has perfect speech and uses a greater vocabulary than other children, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has an imaginary friend, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has repetitive behaviors, speech or movement, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child rejects your hugs, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child rubs a spot where he has been touched or acts as though it was a bee sting or needle poke, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child looks at things from a corner or strange perspective, (like the TV or a stack of blocks), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child over or under reacts to obvious pain, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child loves to line things up, arrange things in order, play with only one color, or if your child remembers exactly how things were arranged and never wants to change them, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child’s learning is primarily through mimicking, those around him or the television, this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers only starchy foods, whether he over eats or under eats them, he is a ‘starch junky.’ This is a sign of Autism.

If your child eats things like dirt, play-doh, or even detergents, this is pica; this is a sign of Autism.

If your child has repeating gastrointestinal issues (stomach aches), this is a sign of autism.

If your child seems to remember things perfectly, this is a sign of Autism.

Obsessions with organization and routine, and the inability to accept change in those is a potential sign of Autism.

If your child will always do things the same way or insists that you do (same video, same book, same places, same times, same activities), this is a sign of Autism.

If your child prefers to play alone, and can play for long periods without social interaction, this is a sign of Autism.

If you have any ONE of the above listed concerns, your child could be Autistic. Make an immediate appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist (The sooner the better).

It is better to seek a diagnosis and not get one then to not seek one and miss the child’s greatest chance for quality life; Early Intervention. 

Err on the side of caution, please.

Do NOT rely on a diagnosis of any other doctor unless he specifically practices medicine with Autistic Disorders as a specialty. Ask to see proof and results. Remember, it was a medical doctor who lied to us about vaccine danger.

I hope this list helps, but it won’t if it’s not read and shared.


Please post this where you work, go to school, your church, workplaces, subways, bus stations, the borders, your websites, your home and Time Square if possible. Please share this.


Autism Awareness, the legal system and undiagnosed persons dangerous.

As our children are ‘labeled’ with Autism, there remains a stigma attached to any person who has a disability other than physical. This results in a huge number of parents who actually fight against getting the label of Autism for their kids.  That single diagnosis could also translate into services and resources which would change the course of their child’s entire life. (Depending on the state where you live).

I was recently sitting in an emergency room waiting area with a woman who was complaining to another woman that her child had refused food for two days. I continued to observe and noticed that the young boy, 2, had no intelligible words. Each time she attempted to touch or kiss him he pulled away. Hardly able to breathe from seeing what I was seeing and knowing what I now know, I had to speak up.

I asked if her child was a picky eater, hated wearing clothes and preferred to play alone. Her answer was unequivocally, “yes!” I then asked more about his tantrums, need to ‘organize’ and other quirks. She agreed to every question for his age group on the list of Autism red flags, so I popped the big question. “Have you had your child screened for Autism?” From the looks of both women you would have thought I had just accused her of murder.

She belligerently replied, “my son has been seen twice by a doctor and he never said that. There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just a slow talker.”

I realized that my insight was unwelcomed and I had stepped out of line.  The ‘Autism’ label is not yet acceptable.

Our society is still viewing any diagnosis of impairment other than physical as a curse of doom. Awareness of Autism is on the rise but clearly not in the hands of our neighbors….yet.

Undiagnosed children, (persons), regardless of condition, are at far greater risk to themselves and others than a managed diagnosed person.

The fear of the labels attained by diagnosis is turning our culture upside down as it has for centuries.

Whether it be Autism, Bi-Polar or clinical depression, at least our Courts are starting to respect managed disabled persons.

While recently studying law, I learned of a violent man in family court defending his abuses by alleging horrible things about his soon to be ex wife, (though she was an excellent mother, high functioning and brilliant), simply because she was ‘bi-polar II,  manic.’ (She’s in good company with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, etc…). Bi-Polars also get a very bad rap though there are millions of them functioning within our society. She replied calmly, “your honor, I am diagnosed and managing my disability, he refuses diagnosis.” That statement of fact combined with a string of protection orders against him left the door wide open to any combination of presumptions.

The court gave her sole custody and permission to relocate out of state with her older children and to get help for their Autistic son 3,000 miles away from him. The Commissioner saw greater stability in a person managing their disability than a violent person in denial. 

He later followed her and within weeks was in trouble with the law again and had to flee from her new State.

He has pending charges.

He stopped making all contact with the child and quickly fell months behind in support. The same Court had to threaten contempt to garnish his Court ordered payments. He had no respect for the law.

In less than 6 months, he had lost it all, the family, the family home, his inheritance, 3 home businesses, her furniture, personal possessions and her vehicle.  She had gladly surrendered her material things to him to facilitate her and the children’s exodus. She only cared about her children and their best interests.

His diagnosis remains unsought after and therefore unsolved.

The Court recognized the fact that an ‘undiagnosed’ person does NOT necessitate a ‘typical’ person. On the contrary undiagnosed persons have made up a tremendous part of the unemployed, uneducated, institutionalized, incarcerated and dysfunctional portions of our societies throughout history.

Failure to seek out correct diagnosis’ and ‘labels’ leads to needless destruction of lives. Denial is never good and stigmas can kill. Even the smallest of disabilities can amplify and cause damage to life if gone undiagnosed and/or untreated.

Some people are also quick to play self-proclaimed psychiatrists and think they know what a diagnosis or label means in others. Without the education, background or awareness in any given disability, they are usually wrong and will manipulate a label into ridicule, intimidation and an attack on the diagnosed person’s self esteem. This is all a part of the reason we as a society fear being diagnosed!  We fear those who would use them against us in our jobs, communities, relationships and lives.

Though “we feel a change a comin’, it is not fully here yet. However, the fact that a Court protected neurologically impaired mom, who was managing her disabling condition, is a sign of hope.

As we as a society tear down the stigmas of mental, neurological and emotional deficiencies, we are clearing a brighter path for our children with Autism.

I applaud that Commissioner for acknowledging the strength of a responsible, managed affected mom. Additionally, her decision to allow the mom to relocate for the best interests of the child is land mark. The father proved his disconcern for the mother, his son, the law, his own short comings and the Court himself.

Mental, neurological and emotional disabilities, (when being treated), are not a carte blanche defense for proving any type of instability.

Twenty, fifteen or even ten years ago, (depending on the state), her diagnosis might have lost her the child and the child’s best interests.

It would be nice if the woman in the emergency room would have a comfort zone with the truth about Autism and its wonderful, endless possibilities. The diagnosis and treatment of Autism would strengthen her own life and the life of her son. She too could be looking out for her own, and her child’s best interests.

Autism Awareness is coming…slowly.


Please share this. Thank you.


Sink or Swim: Protecting Autistic kids from Drowning

Sink or Swim: Avoiding an Autism-Related Drowning

Posted on January 29, 2011 by C.A. Curie , Posted in,  Autism Advice from Parents, Autism Safety, Autism Support, Commentary , No Comments »

autism swimmingThe number one cause of death of individuals with autism involve incidents associated with wandering, which include exposure to the elements and drowning. Both occur frequently and a quick glance at the latest autism news headlines will reinforce these unfortunate statistics.

Children with autism are typically drawn to water. Regardless of the tactile stage of recovery, we came from a safe, liquid-filled womb that the subconscious still remembers well. Furthermore, water is soft and exerts equal, unchanging pressure evenly across the body, thereby preventing the trigger of painful touch issues often found with tactile and sensory dysfunction.

Then there is the problem of not always having gag or panic reflexes. Autopsies of autistic persons involved in accidents typically show no signs of struggle. Most incidents involving a drowning happen within seconds, even to those with autism who have been in the water numerous times. When submerged, water is inhaled into the lungs as if there were no built-in receptors to stop this from happening. From bathtubs, to lakes and even public fountains, individuals with autism will be drawn to water and need to be protected.

Since we can’t enclose our neighbor’s pools or the water fountains in community parks, what shall we do?

The answer is quite simple: we must enroll our children in swimming lessons. The YMCA is not just a great song from the 1970’s, but a great and often forgotten resource that is very helpful for many activities. Membership at your local “Y” will be very beneficial to both you and your child. Upon joining, tell everyone that your child has autism. They may already have some good awareness or they might need some time to do research.

Drownings are happening at an alarming rate to those with autism. Protecting your child can start by notifying your neighbors with pools and spas that your child is autistic and is drawn to water. Public awareness is your responsibility and swimming lessons are a must. They are also fun.

Get started immediately and don’t allow your child to become another tragic statistic. You will find that the time spent together in and around the pool area will be rewarding and a tremendous bonding experience as well.


Mary Poppins and MY Cure for Autism!

Mary Poppins and a Mother’s Welcome Guide to Autism Posted in AutismKey on January 24, 2011 by C.A. Curie, my pen name.

The “Mary Poppins” approach of teaching through play, while being highly animated and visual is the KEY to curing a child’s autism. “Cure” in the sense that a functional, happy life, complete with a driver’s license, complex relationships, a career and a family of their own is possible.

Will they always be quirky? I do hope so. Most people are. However, we must encourage our kids to communicate and step out of their “safe” place in order to participate in our “typical” world. Even the most passive and quiet caregiver can find ways for “a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.”

Is it really that simple? In theory, yes. In application, like anything else, your children will get out what you put in. Whether choosing the son-rise, floor time or another preferred technique, there are consistent factors which can be applied now and throughout the healing process. Let’s stop and say that there is the same percentage of “low functioning” autistic children as there are “low functioning” typical kids.

The lack of appropriate therapy is creating the perception of excessive cases of low function autism when in reality, there are really excessive cases of low functioning therapy. Furthermore, the guilt and blame needs to stop as it serves no healing purpose. Parents are where they are and what’s done is done. Globally, we are at an autism rate of 1 in 58, with less than half of all persons screened. That presents itself of a possible rate of 1 in 30. As soon as you hear of meltdowns, speech delays, tearing off socks, picky eating, or any number of the early signs of autism, it’s time to get a screening!

If a parent cannot get into a pediatric neurologist, they should be extremely careful about general practitioners. The overwhelming amount of GP’s in this country cannot tell you the early or even later signs of autism. In fact, unless you have a stereotypical, wall-staring, head banging, speechless child like I did, they won’t diagnose or even refer you for a diagnosis correctly.

In the case of my older son who has other spectrum disorders, it took three-and-a-half years of misdiagnosing, improperly medicating, treating without a proper diagnosis (winging it), and my teen’s near-suicide before the GP would finally refer a specialist. In fact, it was someone else in his office that finally made the call. My older son’s incredible co-diagnosis of OCD and autism was followed eight days later, thanks to a pediatric neurologist who emergently self referred. In that moment, I swore not to jump on any bandwagons, but only to do research and implement positive daily techniques, whatever those would turn out to be. I swore to love, learn, crusade and battle.

So what do you do when autism is suspected? I caution the use of national organizations who boast autism anything. Many are greedy money machines that support big payrolls, print brochures and assure you of a “no cure” future so you will remain at their mercy. If this makes readers a little uncomfortable or anxious, it should because every step a parent takes from this point on will make or break their child’s future and things need to be taken seriously. Once autism is suspected, a referral to a pediatric neurologist should be demanded because getting an “official” diagnosis is critical to receiving access to services along the way.

The next step is to get in touch with Autism Speaks. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I know what I know. Every city, every county and every state has resources that can assist in a pre-screening, which will give you a head start and get the early intervention wheels rolling. Search the Internet for, “getting a child screened for autism,” then add your city and county name to the search. If you don’t have a computer, ask a friend or go to the library. Now is the time to learn to make things happen as this is a skill you will need to use for the rest of your life. If your child is older than the zero-to-three or four-to-five year milestones (the critical windows), there are still resources available. Tell people that you see red flags and want to know where to pre-screen while you wait for the “official” diagnosis from a pediatric neurologist.

Sadly, depending upon where you live, this can take up to 18-to-24 months and in extreme cases, even 3 1/2 years of waiting. There is no denying that there are states far superior than others in the treatment of autism. There are eight that are very good and even then, it goes county-by-county and school system-by-school system. Even more specific, quality of services can vary from teacher-by-teacher and therapist-by-therapist.

In general, however, the state you live in will determine the rest of your child’s life. I am foreclosing on a ten-acre horse farm worth a half-million dollars and had to divorce an in-denial husband to get out of the 48th ranked state. After fourteen months of hopelessness and only one therapist with any accurate knowledge, numerous blogs and over 1,000 phone calls, including personal contact with the Governor’s office, WE ran out of time. “Ran out of time” meaning my son was already three and even basic therapy was nowhere in sight.

You will need to put this to memory and you will hear this over and over again: 70% of a child’s learning and language foundation is DONE by the age of three. Does that mean your child has learned 70% of everything he will learn? NO. What that means is that his OS (or operating system), like Windows XP, Windows 98, Linux, etc. or his learning platform, is almost completely in place. By this age, the way your child learns becomes set.

You will still have a few windows before the age of five, but after that, it is all data input, interpretation, memorization, reasoning and implementation. If you bought a computer with only an operating system, you would still have to add programs and applications. These “brain applications” can be easier to download into the brain during these early critical years and will be much harder and cost much more time and money later.

This leads to importance of GETTING YOUR CHILD VACCINATED. Though they seem to trigger autism, and in my personal research and experience they certainly do, vaccines force autism to show its pre-disposed face at a time when early intervention and the greatest chances for full recovery are still probable. If you could know three years ahead of time about any disease or disorder which could be treated and cured, wouldn’t you want to know?

Vaccines do not cause autism. This lie was recently dispelled by the scandal surrounding a doctor’s alleged “conclusive research” which was manipulated into a million dollar, award-winning horrific myth, which has created a lot of confusion and left a huge population of kids susceptible to insidious diseases.

Now, back to Ms. Poppins. I will be referring to the technique of learning-through-play by using this phrase. I coined this to make a more visual and understandable role model for parents. Get down to their level, in their field of vision, use common sense research, then shoot for the stars. Do not limit what you think they will learn and do not try to control how they will learn. Guide them.

Although each one of these kids is different, the general proven approach to treatment is the same. Imagine you are stranded in Russia and no one speaks your language for three or four years. Can you imagine the relief when someone walks up and says, “Hello, are you from the US?” You will latch onto this person through any means necessary — your hands, pictures, sounds, or pointing and you will begin to try and communicate, exploding like a capped shaken can of soda. Welcome to autism.

If your child is speaking and even has nearly perfect speech, then you need to consider echolalia or Asperger’s. A rose is a rose and we are still talking about autism. What triggers this speech is a combination of factors. I was told over a 14 month period that my son was “not speaking because I was an older mother” and that “older mothers tend to meet their children’s needs so the child has no reason to speak.” Then I was told to “hold two different foods up in front of him and DON ’T feed him until he says which one he wants.” To make matters worse, the doctor’s assessment and advice was reinforced by a WIC representative. This is the result of residing in the 48th worst state with regards to autism resources and lack of awareness.

There’s no excuse. The research is written and is published for FREE . What do you call the medical student who came in last in his graduating class? A DOCTOR. Degrees will quickly become nothing more than a piece of paper hanging on the wall if the education does not continue. This is especially true with autism.

My own family members have masters’ degrees in education and admittedly, were completely unaware of “modern autism” and its current treatments. Stopping one’s study at graduation can be equated to getting a driver’s license. When a driver’s license is obtained, a person is only at the beginning, but should continue, and hopefully learn the rules of the road and acquire additional knowledge and experience. Keep in mind, at this point, they are already operating a deadly weapon! However, should your state institute laws such as “traffic circles” or no cell phone usage, a person must learn those too.

How can these doctors get by without knowing anymore about autism beyond what they may or may not have learned even just two years ago? They are all “flying under the radar,” as I was told by a state-level Medicaid administrator. Absolute negligence is what the history books will determine. This I am certain of. Hopefully, experiences by most parents will not be so extreme. Abundant resources were not available during my son’s early years. This will help get you through so many obstacles including the lack of awareness.

The Autism Speaks’ booklet and guide entitled “The First 100 Days of Autism” is FREE to caregivers of newly diagnosed children. This was and is one of the single greatest current tools available. Remember, the correct advice is usually the FREE advice.

Now back to the “expert” recommendation of depriving my child of food. Obviously, my son began to scream while staring at his few preferred foods that were not being fed to him, while I continued to follow this advice and waited for words that would not come. I then immediately began again to research the correct techniques.

The ‘picky eater’ or ‘starch junky’ syndrome is medically known as gustatory disorder and is commonplace within the autism spectrum. Furthermore, ridiculous notions that a special diet, pills, chelating (techniques which assist in the removal of heavy metals from the body), a DVD, a bedtime story or a magnet mattress will by themselves cure autism are absurd and again, part of the billion dollar industry thrashing already broken lives.

What needs to be emphasized is a “healthy body, healthy brain.” With gustatory disorder being so prevalent among children with autism, how do we achieve a healthy body? Start feeding a child supplements such as Ensure and Pediasure. In most states, when prescribed, these healthy drinks will be covered by your private insurance, WIC or state insurance (Medicaid). Talk to a nutritionist, usually available through WIC or even through a school, about balancing a healthy diet by the use of supplemental drinks. Though we may be in uncharted territory on some issues, healthy eating and balancing a child’s diet are nothing new.

My son’s speech came almost immediately following the end of the “diet” and the beginning of the supplemental drinks and yes, Happy Meals.

Nothing replaces YOU. You are the most important therapist, soldier, advocate and source of love and guidance that your child will ever have. Keep in mind, for years, the Board of Pediatrics has advised a minimum of 40 hours per week of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis, the single most important therapy for the treatment of autism) and a minimum of 25 hours per week of speech therapy for a minimum of 2 years. It is logical that a toddler will not be moving into the school OR doing weekends. In fact, for most states, a parent might get a once-a-week, twenty-minute visit from the school’s occupational therapist.

It’s amazing that states are taking President Obama’s autism stimulus money, while the overwhelming amount of them are barely scratching the surface. Just wait until the “autism president” finds out — and he will. Perhaps if our President were to award according to what is actually being provided state-to-state, there might actually be an incentive for the 42 to learn about autism, while the 8 other states that are getting it right might get the funding they actually need and deserve for the tremendous work they are doing. I was born in Washington DC and they heard me cry then. I wonder if anyone will hear my cries now?

It is crystal clear that the majority of therapy will be done in a child’s “natural environment,” which is now the technical term for the home. This also means that you will be responsible for the minimum 65 hours a week of therapy for your child’s needs. Don’t panic. There are ways of doing this, even for a single mom like me. Remember, we are going to learn to teach through play as Ms. Poppins suggested. Either way, you don’t have a choice. The fact that you’re reading this already means you do care.

If you want success, it begins in and predominantly happens in the home. “Not even the greatest therapist or therapy would have success without the continuity and consistency in the home.” This quote was supplied to me by my cherished first OT. I refer to these professionals as mine rather than his because in all honesty, I am also the student here as you will be too. Seeking out therapeutic situations and environments where you are included is absolutely essential. Therapists who ask you to leave for the whole therapy session will not be beneficial. It is the continuity and consistency of therapy done between all of your child’s environments which will bring the most success.

Transitioning from one situation or activity to another are tremendous hurdles in autism. Everyone must be on the same page doing the same techniques (which are showing positive results), or you will not have success. It is mostly common sense. Also beware of the “my way or the highway” therapists. Again, ask for a track record and ask to see their results.

Additionally, you must be willing to try numerous techniques, if needed, to find the ones that work for your child. You might find yourself creating a few of your own along the way and by all means, please share them. We are looking for results. Your own “off the wall” or “out of the box” ideas may work for many more kids. Please remember, to some extent, we are in uncharted territory and it is a combination of the hard work of all of us that will help researchers, parents, teachers, caregivers and all members of these kids’ teams to structure the stepping stones of the future of autism. We are in this equally regardless of where we are in our journeys.

Another extremely important component is the awareness of everyone. If the autism rate was 1 in 10,000 in the 1980’s and is 1 in 58 or less today, then even those who do not have a person with autism to immediately care for will certainly have one in school, the workplace, a relationship or in the community. It is already a part of our daily culture and societal infrastructure and must be recognized and understood as such.

This is a pandemic. If any strain of Influenza or disease were this prevalent, we would be under martial law. However, we go day after day without hearing or reading a single word. Is this coincidental? Mine is not the worry to attend to such a huge question, but to serve my son and whatever I can do to assist those wanting to seek out and learn. I have my hands full at this.

A potential guide for you as you start your own research is to check the dates of what you are reading. That tip, like so many others, was given to me by our one and only therapist in the state I came from that was completely current and really knew her stuff. Additionally, anything or anyone touting a cure, but necessitating buying a book, DVD , or any other profitable instrument to get the “answers” should be looked upon with heavy skepticism…

Think about it, when has there ever really been a “cure” throughout history without the information on it being free? I assure you, if anyone really knew more than the people actually healing or that have helped guide their kids to a healing, we would know about it by now. Autism caregivers are very open about their techniques, knowledge and lives and the autism community has become a very “pay it forward” group.

Certainly, great books have been written, including everything by Temple Grandin . Temple has autism. Her life story was recently made into a movie by HBO and entitled Temple Grandin . Temple is now an accomplished author and speaker, has her PhD, teaches at Colorado State University and is an icon to be learned from, studied, admired and respected. She is our Miracle Worker. Temple’s HBO story, for those who have not yet seen it, went up for sale this past August 16th and it is strongly advised you watch it to understand the concept of “thinking in pictures,” which is also the name of one of her books. You will also learn much about the “silver lining” (as my son’s diagnosing pediatric neurologist referred to it as) behind OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), a co-diagnosis usually found with not only with autism, but with most Spectrum Disorders. Temple Grandin shows us the innate fears, the rifling visual memory recalls, the brilliance and the hope we are now facing. You can hardly watch this poignant story and state that autism cannot be cured.

Another special caution should also be given towards self-proclaimed autism therapists, autism specialists and other fancy abbreviated medical labels. A quick search for any degree as an autism specialist will not bring results, not even in a vocational, non-accredited online course. Also, there are no DAN degrees – except in Martial Arts! A degree in ABA (Applied behavior Analysis), PT (Physical Therapy), OT (Occupational Therapy), ST (Speech Therapy) and SLP (Speech and Language Pathology) can be combined with autism-specific courses. A pediatric neurologist with extensive training in autism-related teachings IS the authority. It must be added, since autism is best treated by a PhD, Board Certified ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst), a lot of merit should be given to these professionals’ treatments and techniques.

Be prepared to encounter wannabe, self proclaimed money grabbers and don’t be afraid to interview these people and question them as much as possible. Again, ask to see results. Ask about their most recent studies and check into their alleged accreditations.

The current pandemic of autism has brought out the very best and the very worst in our society. There is more misinformation and misdirection in the cause and treatment of autism than with any other disorder in history. The billion dollar industry of bad books, worthless DVDs and “autism specialists” are overwhelming. This greed machine has found us with our hearts and wallets open, begging to help our loved ones and they are there for the taking. Reviews and testimonials can be faked and they sure do a great job at that. I will be offering my research, findings and experiences with the jungle of media help and guides out there. You may be shocked at the results.

Please remember, it is a hard work, common sense approach that is needed. Like reaching out to a foreigner who is from a place deep within their own minds and who doesn’t have the skills to communicate, you must have patience and compassion.

Trust is the bridge. Love is the incentive. Knowledge is the tool. You can do it. You may never be an autism expert, but you will certainly be your child’s expert in a short period of time. You should no longer limit what or how your child will learn nor should you limit how tremendous you will be in this task. It will shortly go from frustration to sensational witnessing of moment-to-moment miracles. Never in your life will anything represent the amazing road ahead and the gratification of knowing you have changed a life for the better.

Is autism a lifetime disability? By law the answer is: YES. Will your child need to be institutionalized? The answer should be NO and that is in great part up to you. The aggressions associated with most spectrum disorders will be reduced with correct therapies, especially in the area of communications. Emotions will need to be taught. Senses will need to be defined, enhanced or respected because of over-enhancement.

Will your child need assisted living? Protected living is a better definition and that’s where sibling, family and societal awareness are critical. Remember, you have just encountered the most honest, trusting and innocent human being you will ever meet. This is yet another gift of autism. I am so excited to have a voice to reach out to so many. Answers that were or are buried under “autism cure” DVD sets and complete media misinformation will finally be made clear. There is so much to report and so much to learn and we are all in this together.

History is being rewritten, autism is here. Spectrum disorders of all kinds are everywhere and in our workplaces, communities, institutions (including prisons) and our entire planet is full of people with autism, both diagnosed and otherwise. Did autism suddenly jump up or did we finally start screening, recognizing and diagnosing? The answer is overwhelmingly, both!

The first things to keep in mind AD (After Diagnosis) is NO BLAME, NO GUILT and NO FEAR. Many answers are available and many more are forthcoming. You are not alone. From the initial what do I do?, to caring for the caregivers, your hand will be held and as ours needs holding too.

Your life has just been changed forever. You will need to rearrange your dreams, your path, your career, your friends, your family, your relationships, your thinking and even your furniture. You might even be like me and rearrange your address – 3,000 miles away to another state. Whatever the price, please pay it.

The KEY to Autism is you. You will find that learning through play is possible and actually fun. The future of this miraculous, innocent and special human being is in your hands and you can do this. You will need to meet this person halfway at times and all the way other times. You will, in a sense, need to be autistic yourself to see through their eyes and understand their world.

One thing is for certain, this is the most remarkable journey you could have ever embarked on and you won’t have any regrets if you’ll just try. Remember, your children will get out of this what you put into it.

Again, as Mary Poppins says, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Get out your chalk and be prepared to draw fantastic pictures to jump in, because she is right.

Welcome to autism.


AUTISM. Asperger’s. Vaccine truth.

**Since Asperger’s is just a form of Autism, I do not repeatedly mention it separately.  It is inclusive in my discussions and when needed, I will mention them separately. for the context of vaccines however, I am speaking of BOTH in one term, AUTISM.**

In creating my site…one of the areas most disturbing is the lack of media focus on what is the world’s greatest pandemic to date. Autism is on the rise globally. In 1980 it was one in ten THOUSAND. In 2006 it was one in three hundred. TODAY…according to where you research…it is ONE in FIFTY EIGHT. These atatistics are with LESS THAN HALF OF ALL PERSONS SCREENED AND HUGE GAPS IN AWARENESS AND DIAGNOSTIC PRACTICES.

When the ‘VACCINE’ doctor got busted for failing to include in his report the huge number of Autistic kids who never had vaccines…one can only begin to realize the greed machine pulling on the strings of our hearts, brains and wallets. Shame on them for their actions…but shame on us for not doing our own independant reasearch! The answers to many of our questions are out there! Quite simpy…if the site you are on taunts you with the answers…but then includes that to get them you must buy a _____, then BLOCK THAT SITE! Real answers are FREE… BUT they are sometimes hard to find!

Remember, these HEARTLESS, GREEDY people/ companies will say and do anything to sell a DVD, book, pill, diet, blamket, toy, etc….and I can and WILL  help you with what I already know, what I am larning, what others have learned and whatwe all will continue to learn.

I do not say anything without my having first hand experiance or knowledge. I am not a doctor, I am an avid researcher of current studies, information, techniques and tools…and above all, I am a mother with 2 Spectrum disordered sons…but on this site I will be primarily sharing my experiances with my 4 year old diagnosed with Autistic disorders. His diagnosis broken down: Primary, Severe Speech Disturbance/ Delay/ Apraxia. Tactile/ Sensory Dysfunction. OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Gustatory or ‘picky eater’ Dirorder. Sleep Disturbance. Most recently, he was pre-diagnosed with a clotting factor disorder known as Von Willebrand. I will keep you updated following more conclusive testing this month.

My older son is 16 and out of respect for his personal wishes, his diagnosis will not be discussed or mentioned in any of my works,

I KNOW that vaccines trigger Autism. I am deeply sorry for the kids who were more than ‘triggered’…which as of now are the same ratios of children who have bad reactions to vaccines in general. Remember the waiver you signed at each time of vaccines which had all the fine print about what COULD happen as a result?

Put this to memory NOW. 70% of a child’s learning and language foundation are complete by the age of THREE. Does this mean he has learned 70% of what he will learn in his lifetime? No! The learning foundation establishes the WAY we will learn or our platform. Like your computer may have Windows XP, Windows 7 , Linux, etc…Their operating system/ learning foundation is finished in the third year. After that…just like our computer systems..we can download apps but they must be downloaded…and just as we have to search for what app will open what document…so lies the Autism battle…what apps will we need and how do we downlaod them? We have a small window between 3-5 which is still a ‘sponge like’ absorbant, auto learning stage to download as many apps and APPROPRIATE applications as NEEDED. Then, after 5…as a rule…the rest is data input. Relying on what we DO know about the visual thinking and learning aspects of Autism…it is safe to think in terms of VISUAL stimualtion and techniques. They must see it. I will be reviewing the various TV learning programs and DVD sets as to my input on how visually stimulating..and why or why not would I use various brands/ titles/ techniques on my own Autistic child. You can take it from there! I encourage each and every person to gain as much information as possible before making their OWN, well informed decsions.

Considering that Autistic kids as a whole can learn everything typical kids do…but they learn differently…then you now understand WHY you need to know as soon as possible if your child has Autism. They can then receive…depending on the state that you’re in…Appropriate Early Intervention. This occers before the child is 3. So…waiting or not receiving the vaccines that will trigger Autism into showing it’s face accomplishes…that you will miss your opportunity to ‘cure’ your child through Early Intervention AND your child will now be suseptible to horrific diseases! Spectrum disordered kids do not do as well as typical kids in battling all types of diseases…so what have you done? Double whammy! I am just a mom and do not profit from any drug companies in any way in telling you this.

HOWEVER…can vaccines be made safer? YES. DO we need the amounts of mercury we receive in order to trigger Autism? NO! Whay is mercury used in the first place? To mass produce vaccines. Are safer vaccines being made, tested and available? YES. Can you order vaccines from other countries like Canada? YES. I just did it.

Obviously, once you KNOW your child has Autism, you need to look for green vaccines…and do not allow any 3 in 1’s and so forth…split them up a few weeks or more apart and watch for the signs! It is sooo easy to blame the docs out there..and yes, they are for the most part way behind in their knowledge of the signs of Autism…sorry, just the facts…BUT, what about you? They are the doctor but YOU are the caregiver! You have a responsibility to know things too! I knew NOTHING about Autism. NOTHING. The brochures of hopelessness in the state I was in made it even worse.

What’s worse? My spouse left it all up to me…The marital disruption rate of parents with diagnosed Autistic kids is around 94%!! This does not all mean divorce…but there will most certainly be HUGE changes. The saddest part is that there cannot be a child who needs his parents to work together as a loving team MORE than special needs kids! Put your pride on the shelf…stop blaming, get to work. Home therapy can start the day of diagnosis…as soon as the net is cleared of misinformation and sites like mine and many other parents with great successes can surface. We care or we wouldn’t be taking the time to build these sites. I have learned more from other parents than any one professional out there.

So, when you have your initial pre-screening, intuition, note from the day care, friend comments, etc…that your child is Autistic, you need to step up your role in the vaccine picture for them. I moved to New York State..the ONLY STATE LEFT in the 50 that still demands vaccines! (I didn’t knwo that until I got here…)In the other 49, you can sign off on the back of the card…or print one offline with the correct verbiage that states in essence you are refusing vaccines. That is terribly simple. I also believe that by having this ‘easy out’, many people will believe the exemption clause wouldn’t be there unless it needed it to be…

BUT…look at the side I had to face…for my son to get this over half a million dollars in services FREE through he school systems…he had to get MORE vaccines…so I began to research THIS.

If NY forces kids…with the exemptions of some religios sects and Indian tribes…and with the population being so high…then shouldn’t NY have the highest incidence of Autism? No, it does not! New Jersey…though rated in the top 2 for resources…has the highest incidence of Autism and they allow personal reasons as an exemption to skip vaccines! One might argue that Merck Industries is there and has been cited for dumping into the water systems…but again…then shouldn’t the ONLY state that requires the vaccines also be the state of the highest occurance? Well…just like the doc left out the Autistic kids who never had vaccines…and Autism is on the rise globally… India, Australia, Britain, China, and nations that do not have medicine readily available like many in Africa…then we have to conclude that vaccines do not cause Autism. Period. Stop suing and paying lawyers and get focused. The research does not and cannot at this point blame vaccines for Autism…and neither does logic.

Bottom line? Autism is pre-disposed. Autism affects significantly more boys than girls. Boys who are not diagnosd with Autism by 5 or 6 typically will have some other spectrum disorders like ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, Tourette’s Syndrome, etc…or combinations of these… ‘co-morbid’ if anyone wants to read about that…

Why boys over girls and what is causing this? This will be my posts tomorrow and Friday. Do I really know? Tough question because there are so many factors BUT…enough to hypothesize considering what is the common denominators GLOBALLY and what aren’t.  Do A LOT of people know? YES, I beieve that the basic causes are well known but the fear of retalliation and retribution outweigh the admittance of this information. Is it a big dark secret? NO…Then why isn’t someone telling us? THEY ARE! The problem? Research studies don’t pay big monies to be in the top slots of search engines. Scientists do science…and marketing companies sell products. Also, the ‘Vaccines Cause Autism’ supporters have done everything they can to keep the truth away from us so they can save face.

The only faces that matter is our kid’s! Shame on the liars, deceivers and withholders of the facts. The money paid to lawyers alone could have provided therapies to how many of our kids? The amounts of Almond Milk sold could have provided better screening tools for how many states? etc…

The list goes on and on. Funny, not hahaha, but ironic…I opened an ebay store for 1 month and giving my profits, over 500.00 for Autism Speaks. Of all the companies that have knowingly made money off of misinfomed products…how much did they donate and who were their benefactors?

I’m losing my train of thought..for good reason but let me make this simple. Get the vaccines BUT KNOW the preliminary signs of Autism. These should be posted in every medical office, hospital, school, day care, subway, grocery store, Times Square…(you get the idea…), on the face of the earth! Autism is unique in that TIME is critical to cure! Once you see your chuld losing or not developing skills..or not blowing a raspberry by the age of one or tearing their socks off or playing quietly alone in the midst of other kids…(stimming)…don’t wait!!! Get green vaccines from Canada or wherever and get your babies into Early Intervention programs!!

Most importantly…there is a LOT you can do. Even without the schools and without the DVD sets and learning toys…there’s a LOT you can and MUST do.

Hugging. Perhaps this will need to come first because this represents so much misinterpretation between the caregivers and the kids. Tomorrow..Hugging and preliminary signs to look for!

Thank you.

Yes, we do have more vaccines than our parents. World travel makes this necessary. There are more LIVE viruses being brought here than ever.

I was at least happy that even though it was about a greedy, crooked doctor who lied about vaccines causing Autism…we made the news!! We stayed on top for 3 whole days…then Ms. Spears had to go and produce a new single and whammo…we’re knocked out again.

When will this be taken seriously? Our kids are here NOW.

This article might also explain why I believe…as a whole and keeping in mind the exceptions…there are no mild or severe diagnosis’s of Autism…only mild and severe therapies…and AGE is EVERYTHING!


Autism In Washington

Autism in Washington

2011 – 01.09

Taken from my blogger site and published:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autism in Washington State

Our Governor said no child shall have to move to obtain suitable resources….that was 100% deceitful in it’s fruation.
Washington is ranked 48th in Autism Resources. Other States are providing 30-40 hours a week of ABA, IE programs with SLP’s, OT’s etc….from the schools.
Our State should be ashamed of itself. Our taxes that once went to schools now feed the Indian Casinos…and continue to do so even though they are self supportive. Think about that next time you lose your paycheck at one of their Casinos…
If you don’t understand what you’re voting on, DON’T VOTE!!
Or, please educate yourselves. There is no such thing as an Autism Therapist. period. There are SLP’s, OT’s, Teachers with Autism education in their resume’…but there are no Autism Therapists.
The major Autism Org. in our state prints brochures and offers no funding for the kids therapy. It is run by such an ‘Autism Therapist.’
try to find that degree in any College Curriculum.
We don’t need any more referrals, brochures or shoulders to cry on.
Check out other States…Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc…check on what they’re doing.
Time to step up people, there won’t be time to play catch up when it comes to our kids.
Do we want to stay a strong country?
We need to have strong healthy kids or that’s not possible. Common sense anyone?
Stop blaming the President….our States can enact funding.
Hold your own states accountable. The funding is out there.
Where are our taxes going? Where is our school funding? Why is Thurston County not funded for these kids? (Amongst many others), Why is no one taking the coupon for insurance? Why are the waiting lists over a year then provide almost nothing? Why are we being told to MOVE after what our Governor said? We live in the same County as our Capital and are being told by DDD that we should move to King County? Even there, the resources are minimal…but at least their research is current.
It costs between 3.5 and 4 million dollars to raise an Autistic child, (from birth to 70), who has not been given the proper therapy at a very early age…1 in 52 boys are being born pre-disposed to Autistic Disorders….think of what that will be like. They will be needing assisted living all their lives because we are not doing what needs to be done NOW!
Wake up!
Is anyone out there listening?
Is this really going to help out an economy that’s already floundering?
Early treatment, funding, screening.
There’s nothing here for our kids.
Please, someone listen and ACT

Craigslist SOURCE for AUTISM help!

As this post appeared on February 19, 2009…it was written and re-written daily to accommodate any changes…the names have been XXX’d or deleted to protect personal information.

The POINT?? Be prepared to be turned down a LOT, be prepared to have people downplay th importance of EARLY intervention, be prepared to be discriminated against if you have State Insurance…and be prepared to Battle. This is NOT the time for political correctness or low profiles…you won’t get help. You ARE your child’s advocate and voice and they are melting down and screaming for a quality, functional and happy future and accommodating therapies! These therapies START in the home.  70% of a child’s learning and language foundation are complete by the age of 3…so don’t wait and do NOT be told it’s OK to wait!!

Craigslist: 2/19/09
I have tried since posting to contact Staci, Dana, Patty and Rick in the Olympia area. Not one has returned a call, e-mail or anything. Some of them I initially contacted back in October. Back then, the few who did return phone calls, upon finding out XXXX had State Insurance, and that the Social Worker at Mary Bridge had gotten the coupon to “open” status to avail more therapists. XXXX was still turned down because of the ‘quota’. I have contacted every single number and resource provided by Parent 2 Parent, other Therapists, DSHS, and every resource on the net. I STILL do not have a Speech Therapist!
I can fax anyone the referrals, evaluations, etc…that I have if you know of anyone. We are desperate…and precious time continues to fly by. I keep being told the squeeky wheel gets oiled first…and I am squeeking!
PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND RESOURCES as there HAS to be a stone still unturned!
My name is __________ and I am XXXX’s mommy.
Please read, this is urgent
Thank you,
Our son,after begging for a referral for  months from his primary doctor was finally seen last October by a Specialist. He has been diagnosed with Autistic Disorder, Speech Disturbance, Sensory/Tactile Dysfunction and OCD. We have made over 600 phone calls to every therapist, agency, etc… and we cannot go through our State Insurance or through the School System to get a Speech Pathologist.(Who uses pictures and vocal emphasis, NOT sign language). I have been in constant contact with Autism Speaks. 70% of a child’s language, (and learning)foundation is finished by the age of three. We have been his primary therapists and spent 100’s of hours without sleep studying every site on the net and have had tremendous progress in every area except speech. We need resources to get special learning toys, DVD’s, books for ourselves and with a grant or donation could also pay to either get to the Autism Center in Seattle for an evaluation to see if our son is correctly processing sound or if it is just delayed. He is showing signs of being high functioning Autism,(genius as well), but is only saying vowels and ‘lip reading’ consonants. We have used every penny we have, sold personal belongings and are now selling, donating furniture to create the needed environment. We were hit by the ice storm and the flood and our 2 teenagers, (one has Tourrette’s Syndrome) have been such a great team. The little one has 6 months before he turns 3. The School System is not taking the 3rd birthday seriously,(so why is the Birth-3 Program and Early Intervention the most recommended part of his referral?), and also says that age doesn’t matter! They also provided foreign language VHS tapes for learning which is against everything Research in the field suggests! (They are still insisting that vaccines are to blame when it’s already proven that the sensory part of the brain is already affected in the womb, and countries who do not have vaccines are also showing a rise in Autitic Disorders). Autism Speaks is shocked! I found out schools get more tax money for Special Needs Children so, (I was told),  they have incentive NOT to help him quickly. The help they have given has been outdated and misinformed. South Thurston County has very little or no early intervention programs. (We have not found Group Therapy, with parental involvement in 3 counties).We have tried to transfer to other school districts but have been turned down even before his evaluation was in. We fully plan on taking free online courses to help our son but he needs to see a Speech Pathologist so we have a hands on mentor and correct up to date information. The State Insurance the children have has been a brick wall. With the numbers of Autistic Children now at epidemic levels, the Specialists are all full of their quota of “State Insurance Patients”. We cannot look back through our lives and know we could have done more. We need a Speech Pathologist who works with emphasis on vocals and pictures and he needs an immediate assessment NOW. We then need the learning tools, of which we already have bought many from, etc…to teach our son. Please help us to help him. The legislature on both Federal and State levels are all passing new laws but none will be on time.We cannot let him fall through the cracks. We will make our appointment the second we have the resources or the Therapist. Please write us through the paper if you can help in any way.
We are not only parents, and siblings, but therapists for our child, warriors, crusaders and the ones who put our faces and bodies in the way so he cannot bang or hurt his own. We have been taking the hits in so many ways. He is so beautiful. His initial Specialist gave him 100% chance of speaking if he could get to the right therapist.
Autism Speaks is one of the leaders in this field. We urge everyone to take the time to see what is happening!
Thank you, Please hear us, we are speaking for our son, (brother),  who will someday be able to speak for himself.


AUTISM myths..the gluten free, casein free diet…It doesn’t work to cure Autism!

What a sad thing…I too fell for the diet and starved my already picky eater, (Gustatory Disorder),  expecting to see a radical change. It doesn’t even make sense to me now BUT I was scared, desperate and wanted to try anything! Then like my daddy said…c’mon girl, healthy body, healthy brain. I immediatelty went out, got him a Mc Donald’s happy meal and started feeding Ensure’s and Pediasure’s and guess what…recovery began, Let’s just cut to the quick. The research..all of it…says the diet does not in any way cure Autism. Not at all. So, what possibly could be the reason a Hollywood Glam girl would write such a book and take all those millions?

Just like the recent expose’ involving the Doctor who linked vaccines to Autism…he INTENTIONALLY left out the numbers of Autistic children in his study who never received a vaccine. He made millions too. All the hours the parents spent riding the wagon of suing the vaccine companies, (fortunately I wasn’t on that one), only to find out that some guy with a Mediacl Degree wanted to get rich…and he did. could have all been doing home therapy!

So, what tid bit of MASSIVE information did Ms. McCarthy leave out? Well Jim Carey moved in around the time she started the diet…and since the research says to be higly animated, use fun tones in your voice and be a sort of ‘Mary Poppins’…

What do YOU think made the little boy FIRST laugh…(that was his first communication…I believe Jen was home with her sis…)…a big glass of Almond milk or thinking about and interracting with Mr. Pet Detective himself? YUP…she left that part out. OH! that we could all have Jim Carey, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, or even Selena Gomez…(I’m a Disney Channel addict along with my son), for 2 weeks after diagnosis, (AD), and see the lights go on as THIS is part of the CURE. Cure…meaning that our kids will be functional and HAPPY.

Thanks Jen. You caused thousands of parents to spend millions of dollars…miss early intervention while waiting for the MAGIC MOMENT…and now that it’s been completely disproven…where is the strength to come out and tell people to STOP buying your book? What did you do in show biz anyway…I don’t even know who you are…but PLEASE…you’ve made enough haven’t you?

No time for anger or lawsuits…I have therapy to do…and I love it!