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Charlie Hackett Autism FundraiserWorld News Featuring Charlie Hackett and Latrell Pruett, a young man, 8 who sings professionally, but at age 7 was speechless, These amongst others were Charlie’s Super talents!

Presented at Lakefair 2009

Charlie Hackett youtube  Autism Fundraiser


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Charlie Hackett greet the crowd and introduces the 2009 Autism Fundraiser:

Charlie Hackett’s efforts bring support from the Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire with a hand delivered speech and acknowludgements by Veronica Mahrone:

Sadly, Washington State remains in the bottom three states for providing affected children or adults with accomodating Autism resources… or for any resources for ALL spectrum disorders.

Charlie was asked BY ANOTHER PARENT OF AN AUTISTIC CHILD while performing at her Fundraiser, “are you going to spend your life trying to save this State or get out and save your kids?” Like numerous others who have migrated to the top 8 States, Charlie got herself and her kids out.

Even sadder, that parent has sued the school systems in Washington and WON 4 times…but still did not receive accomodating resources.

Within 2 months of Charlie arriving in New York State, and getting immediate 5 days a week chaperone (1 on 1), 5 days a week of speech, 5 days a week of Occupational Therapy, 5 days a week of physical therapy and play therapy, 5 days a week of Sensory Integration Therapy…in a 5 hour day school schedule with transportation from their door…and all within the NYS school systems, her son began to speak, make eye contact, laugh, play board games, read, write, count, sing, try numerous new foods, show affection, express emotions, etc…within ONLY two months…BEFORE HE TURNED FOUR…now he is thriving…and is their story.

Charlie’s ex-husband, father of the baby, visited New York twice…then decided he’d rather go back to reside in Washington. After trying to cause trouble with the law for Charlie and the baby unsuccessfully,he finally abandoned them both for GOOD. LITERALLY. He had never found his place in the baby’s needed therapies or in his life. 94% of parents of children with diagnosis’s of Autism have marital disruptions but not all end in divorce. This one did.

Charlie took a long writing break. Life by themselves finally caused tremendous damage to her neck/spine and even prevented walking for weeks at a time. Thanks to the help from a new friend in New York, (Bonnie!), who also has a son diagnosed with Autism, Charlie and Dezi hung on. The writings will resume after the surgery but until then even sitting and looking down cause huge muscle spasms. Charlie’s entire energy is completely devoted solely to Dezi and the out of the box, amazing progress that has continued against seemingly some of the worst odds!

The story will pick up and continue as Charlie and Dezi had to return to Washington so she could get critical neck surgery directly resulting from the intense experiences. (Getting medical attention in New York for physical conditions OTHER than Autism…was impossible and the absolute WORST discrimination against Medicare and Disabled Adults left Charlie without even a DOCTOR! The ‘Nurse Practitioner’ movement in New York was so negligent that despite NUMEROUS pleas and trips to doctors and hospitals, no one noticed a spinal cord impinged in 3 places and a fusion which had failed!!)

Kudos to New York for the GREAT Early Intervention BUT beyond that…it is chaos. Governor Cuomo is a brilliant and aggressive leader doing everything he can to get to the root of the problems in the health care breakdowns in every area .

Hurricane Sandy was their HUGE plea for someone to help them get to a place where her neck could get medical attention.  Charlie had saved enough to negotiate the truck and gas to get back to Washington and get a place with Dezi.

The damages to her neck were a direct result of not only moving 4 times in 3 1/2 years by themselves but the ongoing lack of respite or relief.  The real shockers were of the schools in WA. being even further behind in awareness and techniques and how the dad has continued to be completely ignorant about Autism. Once again, after being back only 10 months and still recuperating from her surgery, like in New York, dad robs them again BUT this time with no where to run he listens to the Police and returns their things! Autism certainly brings out the very best, the very worst, the very brightest and the absolute most ignorant.

The amazing battle of beating Autism had set backs thanks to the schools, dad and a HUGE lack of knowledge and awareness throughout the state! Washington is now one of eight states without Autism reform and IT SHOWS! Fortunately the parent training and unique relationship between Charlie and Dezi will land them back on the winning side of the battle….against the odds again.

That was just the beginning…it’s a wonderful, remrkable journey that’s ongoing and updated daily!

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  1. Hello Charlie. I know you will be touring in the U.S. soon and I can’t wair. i’ve aedlary subscrtibed my email, so i hope to see some dates. Hope Los Angeles will be on that list. And please take care of that exquisite voice!

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