Hearing Sensitivity

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Dezi in headphones.
Dezi in headphones.

My best Autism Mommy friend found a way for her hearing sensitive son to be able to participate in the school music program. This past 4th of July, she put headphones on her son and for the first time he was able to enjoy the fireworks. My top favorite, brilliant mom took that experiance and applied the headphones to open many other new doors. (It’s no wonder she’s now putting herself through school getting her Master’s!!)
Last month her face was full of happy tears as she watched her son finally be a part of the schools music presentation. The headphones allowed his extra sensitive hearing to be protected. Sadly, her joy was shattered when an obnoxious mother sitting behind her rudely blurted out, “eww, look at the kid with the headphones on”, and was loudly making fun of him. My dear friend took a breath, turned around with a smile and proudly said, “that’s my amazing son who has Autism, is this a problem for you?”
The woman expression changed to shame and she said nothing. Everyone around her realized what an ignorant, hurtful person she was. Then my friend finished enjoying one of the greatest moments of her Autism Journey without ever looking at the woman again.
The other students had accepted the headphones so well that at one point when they fell off, a peer picked them up and helped put them back on his head and adjust them.
It’s amazing how children’s hearts and minds are often more loving, accepting and understanding than their parents.
By sharing this story maybe one parent out there will not have to have their moment crushed, perhaps one parent won’t be ignorant and hopefully, one parent whose child has sensitive hearing will try using headphones to reduce the sensitivity!
Please help turn a negative into a positive by sharing this please and bless you all.

Our later discussion ended by deciding she would be making an appointment to get hearing aids to do what the headphones were doing. In our efforts to have our children be seen for their abilities and not their disabilities, this will be an amazing leap!

As always I hope this helps at least one person out there.

Share+Care=Aware~ C.A. Curie’

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