Donations for Dezi

I have been asked by people how they can help us by donating. I am humbled by your kindness, offering and generosity. I will keep Autism Battle FREE no matter what but have decided that Dezi’s world would be the place where you could help if you wanted..

I set up a link if you want to help but sharing and spreading Autism awareness is still the greatest way to help ALL the kids.

I will always keep AutismBattle free. We survive solely on my disability and occasional partial child support payments. Any help will go towards Dezi’s needs and happiness!

To fill in the form I had to put products and amounts. Happy Meal for Dezi, 5.00, Pizza for Dezi 10.00, Bowling for Dezi, 20.00, ITunes for Dezi 50.00, Technology for Dezi 100.00 and Disneyland for Dezi, (one can dream, right?), is 1,000. Disney is not only a part of our learning and healing but going to Disneyland is Dezi’s ultimate goal.

There’s also a blank box for adding any amount you choose.  Thank you for your support and love!

Donations for Dezi
Other Amount:

Blessings and thank you!



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