All of the content herein or by association is solely the opinion and representations of the author. It is not to be used as a replacement for the readers responsibility to do their OWN research thereby drawing their own conclusions. Fear is a direct result of ignorance while education, formal or informal,  is the light in the dark and the ultimate curing tool. You only fear Autism because you are confused, frustrated, unknowledgable and/or unsure of what or whom to believe.

I was there too not so long ago. I’m hoping by my successes and failures, your journey and battles won’t be as difficult and perhaps you can avoid some of the mistakes I made…and get to the remarkable turnaround of Autism, (ASD), even quicker! Our kids will always be quirky, Thank God. I hate boring.

…it is our differences that make us uniqely strong, our similarities that join us in numbers and our ignorances that make us a part of the mindless, cliff bound herd…-C.A. Curie

This author has over 4,000 hours and in some cases, a lifetime of knowledge and personal experience in the areas of, but not limited to; Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Tactile/Sensory Dysfunction, Speech Delay/Disturbance/Apraxia, co-morbid Tourette’s Syndrome with aggression, OCD, ODD, Sleep Disturbance, BiPolar II Manic, Depression, Asperger’s, Eating Disorders and numerous therapies involving behavioral, holistic, dietary, etc…relating to the treatment of the above.This author has had remarkable results in the turnaround of Spectrum Disorders.Much of the content herein may be written in the first, second or third person to give a better understanding or readability.

There is no excuse for neglecting your responsibility to do your own research.

This is a personal website expressing the views and content based solely upon the authors beliefs, first hand knowledge, experiences, research and opinions of herself and others with whom she deems to have legitimacy, credibility and/or merit.

This author encouages everyone when doing their own research to consider the influences, dates, uterior motives, first hand experiences and proper trials before lending creedance to any information.

It is the goal and hopes of the author to help  heal similarly diagnosed persons and the families, loved ones and caregivers of the same.

This author will stand corrected and update any prior information should her research become outdated or disproven. I caution you however, it is hard to argue with our success!

This author hopes to incorporate the experiences of others in their own Autism battles to produce a viable website where correct information is given.

Welcome to my life’s works, my family, my children, specifically my son with ASD and our Autism Battle.



Teacher, thank you for caring about me and Dezi by reminding me to make this page….and drink lots of water AND get lots of sleep.