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As this post appeared on February 19, 2009…it was written and re-written daily to accommodate any changes…the names have been XXX’d or deleted to protect personal information.

The POINT?? Be prepared to be turned down a LOT, be prepared to have people downplay th importance of EARLY intervention, be prepared to be discriminated against if you have State Insurance…and be prepared to Battle. This is NOT the time for political correctness or low profiles…you won’t get help. You ARE your child’s advocate and voice and they are melting down and screaming for a quality, functional and happy future and accommodating therapies! These therapies START in the home.  70% of a child’s learning and language foundation are complete by the age of 3…so don’t wait and do NOT be told it’s OK to wait!!

Craigslist: 2/19/09
I have tried since posting to contact Staci, Dana, Patty and Rick in the Olympia area. Not one has returned a call, e-mail or anything. Some of them I initially contacted back in October. Back then, the few who did return phone calls, upon finding out XXXX had State Insurance, and that the Social Worker at Mary Bridge had gotten the coupon to “open” status to avail more therapists. XXXX was still turned down because of the ‘quota’. I have contacted every single number and resource provided by Parent 2 Parent, other Therapists, DSHS, and every resource on the net. I STILL do not have a Speech Therapist!
I can fax anyone the referrals, evaluations, etc…that I have if you know of anyone. We are desperate…and precious time continues to fly by. I keep being told the squeeky wheel gets oiled first…and I am squeeking!
PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND RESOURCES as there HAS to be a stone still unturned!
My name is __________ and I am XXXX’s mommy.
Please read, this is urgent
Thank you,
Our son,after begging for a referral for  months from his primary doctor was finally seen last October by a Specialist. He has been diagnosed with Autistic Disorder, Speech Disturbance, Sensory/Tactile Dysfunction and OCD. We have made over 600 phone calls to every therapist, agency, etc… and we cannot go through our State Insurance or through the School System to get a Speech Pathologist.(Who uses pictures and vocal emphasis, NOT sign language). I have been in constant contact with Autism Speaks. 70% of a child’s language, (and learning)foundation is finished by the age of three. We have been his primary therapists and spent 100’s of hours without sleep studying every site on the net and have had tremendous progress in every area except speech. We need resources to get special learning toys, DVD’s, books for ourselves and with a grant or donation could also pay to either get to the Autism Center in Seattle for an evaluation to see if our son is correctly processing sound or if it is just delayed. He is showing signs of being high functioning Autism,(genius as well), but is only saying vowels and ‘lip reading’ consonants. We have used every penny we have, sold personal belongings and are now selling, donating furniture to create the needed environment. We were hit by the ice storm and the flood and our 2 teenagers, (one has Tourrette’s Syndrome) have been such a great team. The little one has 6 months before he turns 3. The School System is not taking the 3rd birthday seriously,(so why is the Birth-3 Program and Early Intervention the most recommended part of his referral?), and also says that age doesn’t matter! They also provided foreign language VHS tapes for learning which is against everything Research in the field suggests! (They are still insisting that vaccines are to blame when it’s already proven that the sensory part of the brain is already affected in the womb, and countries who do not have vaccines are also showing a rise in Autitic Disorders). Autism Speaks is shocked! I found out schools get more tax money for Special Needs Children so, (I was told),  they have incentive NOT to help him quickly. The help they have given has been outdated and misinformed. South Thurston County has very little or no early intervention programs. (We have not found Group Therapy, with parental involvement in 3 counties).We have tried to transfer to other school districts but have been turned down even before his evaluation was in. We fully plan on taking free online courses to help our son but he needs to see a Speech Pathologist so we have a hands on mentor and correct up to date information. The State Insurance the children have has been a brick wall. With the numbers of Autistic Children now at epidemic levels, the Specialists are all full of their quota of “State Insurance Patients”. We cannot look back through our lives and know we could have done more. We need a Speech Pathologist who works with emphasis on vocals and pictures and he needs an immediate assessment NOW. We then need the learning tools, of which we already have bought many from, etc…to teach our son. Please help us to help him. The legislature on both Federal and State levels are all passing new laws but none will be on time.We cannot let him fall through the cracks. We will make our appointment the second we have the resources or the Therapist. Please write us through the paper if you can help in any way.
We are not only parents, and siblings, but therapists for our child, warriors, crusaders and the ones who put our faces and bodies in the way so he cannot bang or hurt his own. We have been taking the hits in so many ways. He is so beautiful. His initial Specialist gave him 100% chance of speaking if he could get to the right therapist.
Autism Speaks is one of the leaders in this field. We urge everyone to take the time to see what is happening!
Thank you, Please hear us, we are speaking for our son, (brother),  who will someday be able to speak for himself.

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Former Circus/ Vegas performer. Changes life to pursue facts and help about Autism after her youngest son was diagnosed as severe. Devotes life to helping all famiiles battle Autism.


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