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Hey, this is my personal website. I welcome e-mails…I will try and answer questions…or help to direct you to someone who can. As I learn, I’ll share. I look forward to banding together and battling this global epidemic together.

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  1. You are simply a ferocious & shear white energy & anyone in your vicinity is extremely lucky to have basked in your light… if even for a moment. God Bless your fight. If i ever catch a bit of lightning & success, i will point the proceeds in your direction. In the meantime, do not tire… you are a necessary & fantastic human.


  2. Timothy,
    Thank you.
    Butterfly effect…who would ever have known that when you drove with me to Buffalo, NY…to audition for Ringling Clown College…that you were the angel guiding me to a life where I would aquire these unusual and ‘OFF THE WALL’ skills to be who I have become.
    Comedy, spontaneity, improvisation, Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews jumping into a chalk sidewalk, Jim Carey, the list of amazing talents LIKE YOU that I have learned from…and just like passing through The Magic Castle and you were suddenly there again…I cannot tell you the number of times you somehow reappear to spur me on. Only recently while juggling apples for my son, the remembrance of you entertaining the entire ER staff so you could get a note for days off…put a huge smile in my heart and on my face.
    Good thing Mr. Baumann never knew!! heehee
    Thank you sincerely for your beautiful and inspiring words now, and then. YOU definately were a part of the molding that made me capable of this battle. I too admire your sacrifices, direction and accomplishments..and your own personal life experiences and dedication to special needs human beings.
    I can only dream that persons like you would reach out to the kids still locked in silence…and use your gifts to bring them out…you really are so very brilliantly gifted.
    Blessings to and for you and looking forward to our paths crossing again…and having you meet the guy of my life…Dezi!

    • Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and always in the top 3. The fact that Merck Industries is in New Jersey has made for great debates.4-8 bounce around quite a bit BUT I believe New York has jumped up into the #4 spot pushing Missouri down to number 5. Were you considering moving? What State are you in? New Jersey has the highest incidence of Autism per capita. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  3. Wow, sis! You are amazing, all the research you have done , all the time and devotion to your son . When you set your mind to do something, you do it at the omost superior level, you have done this all your life, with your compassion , intelligence, commitment, and preserverance you will be the l9ight to autism. Loved the rendition of “My guitar gently weeps” and all the helpful information to all those that have a child with this illness. I love you and am so proud of what you have accomplished already! Wow, ….Nancy

  4. Just discovered your site and its so great, I too have been doing the whole GFCF rollercoaster and I’ve had enough to be honest and I’m not sure if it really did anything at all, I mean I saw progress, but I think lots was due to her age, other therapies etc… i do chinese massage with her, activities, swings, etc.. ;( my question is: How do I subscribe to your posts? are you on twitter? thanks!

  5. Hi Thanks for the best and worst states for autism. We are currently in MD and have to pay out of pocket for ABA. I did want to let you know that I can’t find a Boone PA.. is this a typo? thanks.

    • Boone County…it’s where the Poconos and million dollar homes are! I am getting free ABA for my son living in Central New York…and after here, I have been informed that Buffalo, Utica and Binghampton all have ABA right through K-12. Please, get here and get this invaluable therapy! Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you…the ex has been trying to hurt us again and I needed time to get us FREE os this mean and ignorant man once and for all. I so hope you aren’t going through anything like this. Keep in touch!

  6. You have motivated me more than I can ask for. My son is autistic and he is 6 years old I live in Florida and need to move somewhere better. I have chosen New York but Im considering NJ. I am planning to move in the next six months and have called everyone and everyone about housing and all the therapy I can get. The school is terrible here depending where you live and the district doesn’t care about children mothers that are trying to demand the childs rights. I have had so many problems here.The last straw was when his speech therapist told me if he hasn’t talked yet hes never gonna talk. I spoke to the manager and nothing happened. I don’t want to sit around and wait till my son is 20 and not move because Im supposed to wait that the economy gets better. I even emailed Obama about the growing problems with autism and his team of experts said they on working on a change. I adore my son and will fight to the end for him. I just would ask you to guide me or send me an email or any information Please I would appreciate it. I thank you for this website and all the info and really hope to hear back. Thank you so much I thought I was the only one struggling and thought there was no hope.You are a true warrior and god is blessing you and your family Don’t give up Zulma

  7. I saw your posting on which led me to this page. I am particularly interested in your statement “Perhaps you should go to Wrightslaw and see that ANY school denying ABA therapy is liable to pay for it!” I have searched the Wrightslaw website and can not find that information. Can you give me more direction? My son is 7, has a medical dx, is in a public school, and has never had ABA.

  8. charlie, mail came back. need address again. call Spice and leave right address so I can remail. sorry for delay. mary poppins aka dorrie

  9. Great read! Living in Maryland we were fortunate to win a non public placement at. Private school with all of the things you mentioned in place. The problem is he aged out at 9. Now looking for the same services without an attorney.

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