AUTISM myths..the gluten free, casein free diet…It doesn’t work to cure Autism!

What a sad thing…I too fell for the diet and starved my already picky eater, (Gustatory Disorder),  expecting to see a radical change. It doesn’t even make sense to me now BUT I was scared, desperate and wanted to try anything! Then like my daddy said…c’mon girl, healthy body, healthy brain. I immediatelty went out, got him a Mc Donald’s happy meal and started feeding Ensure’s and Pediasure’s and guess what…recovery began, Let’s just cut to the quick. The research..all of it…says the diet does not in any way cure Autism. Not at all. So, what possibly could be the reason a Hollywood Glam girl would write such a book and take all those millions?

Just like the recent expose’ involving the Doctor who linked vaccines to Autism…he INTENTIONALLY left out the numbers of Autistic children in his study who never received a vaccine. He made millions too. All the hours the parents spent riding the wagon of suing the vaccine companies, (fortunately I wasn’t on that one), only to find out that some guy with a Mediacl Degree wanted to get rich…and he did. could have all been doing home therapy!

So, what tid bit of MASSIVE information did Ms. McCarthy leave out? Well Jim Carey moved in around the time she started the diet…and since the research says to be higly animated, use fun tones in your voice and be a sort of ‘Mary Poppins’…

What do YOU think made the little boy FIRST laugh…(that was his first communication…I believe Jen was home with her sis…)…a big glass of Almond milk or thinking about and interracting with Mr. Pet Detective himself? YUP…she left that part out. OH! that we could all have Jim Carey, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, or even Selena Gomez…(I’m a Disney Channel addict along with my son), for 2 weeks after diagnosis, (AD), and see the lights go on as THIS is part of the CURE. Cure…meaning that our kids will be functional and HAPPY.

Thanks Jen. You caused thousands of parents to spend millions of dollars…miss early intervention while waiting for the MAGIC MOMENT…and now that it’s been completely disproven…where is the strength to come out and tell people to STOP buying your book? What did you do in show biz anyway…I don’t even know who you are…but PLEASE…you’ve made enough haven’t you?

No time for anger or lawsuits…I have therapy to do…and I love it!

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Former Circus/ Vegas performer. Changes life to pursue facts and help about Autism after her youngest son was diagnosed as severe. Devotes life to helping all famiiles battle Autism.