AUTISM, The Glutein Free Casein Free Diet Facts, Vaccines & Daryl Hannah?!

Vaccines will not cause Autism and the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet will not cure it.

“Disease outbreaks are pointing unvaccinated children whose parents were grossly misinformed and are now just beginning to pay the price. Measles Outbreaks Blamed on Unvaccinated Kids”: Health officials reported this week that cases of measles are on the rise in the United States – they blame parents who don’t vaccinate their children.” Oct,

A headline in Better Health reads, “More Unvaccinated Children Cause Public Health Fears To Increase”, and goes on to explain, ‘ “the Vaccine Book, is, as Dr. Rahul Parikh puts it, “a nightmare for pediatricians like me.”

With regards to the GFCF diet, (Gluten Free, Casein Free) diet, since 1967, clinical research showed no effect on Autism. FIVE YEARS before Jen McCarthy was born. Even so, she greedily wrote her book. Sadly, even last evening I was speaking on the phone with a woman who just got the diagnosis of Autism for her son. When she asked the doctor what to do, the first recommendation was to begin ‘the diet.’ My own son’s results have been and continue to be mirrored around the globe daily.  Once off the GFCF diet and back onto a nutritionally balanced diet with milk and even, yes, nitrite laden Happy Meals, my son began significantly improving.

The groups that still hang on to pending law suits and bad campaigns against vaccine companies are of course, quite embarrassed and are putting personal pride before global cure. As long as there are smoke screens and witch hunts going on, real cures are left to the curb.

The child that eventually does show any growth is attributed solely to their diet with any weight being given to normal growth or any other environmental, accidental or intentional therapies being done. People will go to great lengths to be ‘correct.’

Why is this happening? Pride, yes. Primarily though, Autism is a huge money maker. People contribute to finding ‘cures’ and these kids all make beautifully angelic poster children. The fact is that the ‘cure’ has been out there all along. It is ignored because it is FREE and because the money will not be coming in at such a pace if that fact gets out!

This movement is fueled by money driven pharmaceutical companies, politicians, a lack of public awareness, gullible audiences, unaccommodating school districts, unknowledgeable doctors, lazy care givers, panicking parents, etc…This is tragic.

My dad told me the most intelligent three words I could ever use in my lifetime were, “I don’t know.’ That’s correct. If you don’t know the answer, then say so. When you substitute bad information for lack of knowledge you could hurt somebody. In these cases, you could hurt the population.

How badly did their greed hurt us? Will won’t know that answer fully for decades. The immediate effects have begun.

Well, we now have an entire generation of unvaccinated kids. Good job ‘Dr. Wakefield’…NOT. Guess what parents…now your unvaccinated child is Autistic AND susceptible to horrific childhood diseases. Further, insurance companies are either dropping unvaccinated kids, or charging higher prices. If yours isn’t yet, be thankful because they are all following suit. Your unvaccinated child is a risk himself and to the community.

Then there are the parents who’ve been dolling out cartons and cartons of health food brand almond and rice milk. I KNOW because I was one of them for 8 months. You probably didn’t harm your child as long as you were also advocating, researching and staying at home doing the 24/7 therapy required. However, if you were solely depending upon a fad ‘diet’ to cure your child and not seeking out Early Intervention, you have short changed your child. You can never get those critical young months back.

Jen’s book was NOT based upon a double blind, placebo, clinical, etc…trial. It was a shot at a quick million and she succeeded. I don’t even know what she ever did before this malicious book…Who is she anyway?

Let’s put this into perspective. If everyone will continue to ignore that this diet has been disproven…then let me also throw this at you.

To break a child out of Autistic silence, the child has to WANT to interact. Knowing what research has proven about the highly animated ‘Mary Poppins’ style required to break through and continue therapy successfully with Autism, please now ask yourself this one single question.

Would a child want to break out of Autism for a glass of rice milk or a life interacting with Pet Detective? Eureka! I would welcome Jim Carey,

Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Ellen, even Wubbzy or Barney into the home of these kids because THAT is the cure!

Shame on this woman for keeping her book on the shelves. I’m guessing that Dr. Wakefield will also leave his works out there to help pay attorney fees and restitutions.  Imagine, an entire generation swayed by two people’s one sided, greed driven works. Both are false and have damaged us globally. Where are the charges against Jen? I would think she would be morally obligated to, at the very least, ‘generation rescue’ to admit she is wrong.

In fact, despite the release 1 year ago by the report in journal Pediatrics giving no merit to the fad diet, Jen publicly dismissed their entire study still attributing her son’s ‘cure’ to rice products instead of the relationship between Carey and the boy. Hollywood celebs are too often given unearned credibility. I just did some background research and as it turns out, Jen was a playboy star. No comment.

We must ask to see results. Not one sided results from groups all following the same patterns. It is the differences between groups having the same progress that will eliminate such fads. The mere fact that Autism is on the rise equally in places around the globe that do NOT even have vaccines should have made even simple minds question Dr. ‘Quack’field. Additionally,  Autism is being healed in countless cases where cow’s milk and Happy Meals are part of a regular diet. This means that we were/are blindly jumping overboard with Jen and Andrew at the helm collecting our finances as we bail(ed).

Let’s stop pouting, believing, fighting with each other and denying. This time let’s stay focused.

Autism is curable.

If we’re going to believe every word a gorgeous Hollywood Blonde has to say, maybe we should listen to Daryl Hannah instead of Jen McCarthy.

Daryl is Autistic.

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