AUTISM in Washington State. SAD.

Autism in Washington

2011 – 01.09

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autism in Washington State

Our Governor said no child shall have to move to obtain suitable resources….that was 100% deceitful in it’s fruation.
Washington is ranked 48th in Autism Resources. Other States are providing 30-40 hours a week of ABA, IE programs with SLP’s, OT’s etc….from the schools.
Our State should be ashamed of itself. Our taxes that once went to schools now feed the Indian Casinos…and continue to do so even though they are self supportive. Think about that next time you lose your paycheck at one of their Casinos…
If you don’t understand what you’re voting on, DON’T VOTE!!
Or, please educate yourselves. There is no such thing as an Autism Therapist. period. There are SLP’s, OT’s, Teachers with Autism education in their resume’…but there are no Autism Therapists.
The major Autism Org. in our state prints brochures and offers no funding for the kids therapy. It is run by such an ‘Autism Therapist.’
try to find that degree in any College Curriculum.
We don’t need any more referrals, brochures or shoulders to cry on.
Check out other States…Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc…check on what they’re doing.
Time to step up people, there won’t be time to play catch up when it comes to our kids.
Do we want to stay a strong country?
We need to have strong healthy kids or that’s not possible. Common sense anyone?
Stop blaming the President….our States can enact funding.
Hold your own states accountable. The funding is out there.
Where are our taxes going? Where is our school funding? Why is Thurston County not funded for these kids? (Amongst many others), Why is no one taking the coupon for insurance? Why are the waiting lists over a year then provide almost nothing? Why are we being told to MOVE after what our Governor said? We live in the same County as our Capital and are being told by DDD that we should move to King County? Even there, the resources are minimal…but at least their research is current.
It costs between 3.5 and 4 million dollars to raise an Autistic child, (from birth to 70), who has not been given the proper therapy at a very early age…1 in 52 boys are being born pre-disposed to Autistic Disorders….think of what that will be like. They will be needing assisted living all their lives because we are not doing what needs to be done NOW!
Wake up!
Is anyone out there listening?
Is this really going to help out an economy that’s already floundering?
Early treatment, funding, screening.
There’s nothing here for our kids.
Please, someone listen and ACT
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Former Circus/ Vegas performer. Changes life to pursue facts and help about Autism after her youngest son was diagnosed as severe. Devotes life to helping all famiiles battle Autism.

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