Autism, Day Cares and Home Businesses

Though you may not know this yet, day cares are not a good place for your child with Autism. In actuality, the overwhelming majority of day cares do not have the correct programs or ratios to support the needs of your child. Day Cares cannot legally take your special needs child without special accommodations.

Day Cares will most likely prove in the long run to be detrimental. Single stimming, or the textbook way of thinking of the child with ASD as ‘living and playing inside himself,’ is not as a rule a positive thing. Social interaction is desirable and ultimately critical. Speech delays, poor eye contact, seeing the world differently, not understanding facial cues, expressions or cliché’s, and just overall fear are all reasons your child will stay locked inside.

You as his interpreter will no longer be there to bridge the many gaps and he will recede inside himself without you. Routines that support interaction and communication and the ratios of KNOWLEDGEABLE persons to assist your child are what you must look for. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), kids with ASD LOOK typical! Therefore, parents are able to put them along side typical kids in day cares in order to go to work. The problem is further enhanced when you realize that the small early intervention window, (that you play the biggest part in), that will be the greatest therapy and hope for a fully functional life, will be missed.

 A typical day care is not trained, qualified nor are they even licensed to support any special needs child. A conversation with a regional day care until administrator revealed that should a day care KNOW or even SUSPECT that a child has special needs, they must contact appropriate persons or risk their ability to run a business. This is a huge but necessary sanction. Often times parents, especially first timers, may not realize their child is developing slowly or differently than typical kids. An educated and experienced child care worker will see many more signs of delays and is legally obligated to act upon such discoveries.

The probability is that whether in a school based program or a community program, your child needs one on one support, or a ratio of 1:1. This can be written right into your children’s Individualized Education Program, or IEP, in the school system. The same holds true in the community. If you are using State monies for day care, you can go to them to add a 1:1 in the day care for your child! Note: this is not a person the day care uses to avail them to taking a larger case load. This person or chaperone is solely there for your child. You may also be able to find someone to watch your child in his ‘natural environment,’ or, the HOME. There are programs to pay for this as well.

How important is this? Since ‘moms’ have been removed from the home and joined the ranks of societal equals to their working counter parts, our family system as we knew it has unraveled. Drugs, gangs, dysfunction, criminal behaviors and Autism have all risen at an alarming level. The “wait until your father gets home,” way of life also meant that mom was her child’s 1:1 at all times. A stay home parent is the one who would have been working passionately with her children to shape them. No one will care for your children like you and taking both parents out of the home has ruined the very thread of our society.

 Being a homemaker is still, by far, the most underrated and most important job of all. In Germany, a parent is paid ‘kingergeld,’ (child money), to stay home with their kids. Rules like school attendance and working to capacity provide the basis on whether or not the stay home parent would get paid. Their overall penal system and social systems have been greatly reduced since this program was put into effect. So, you’re thinking, “what do I do?” Work from home is the answer. I caution and re-caution you to be careful about this next step. EBay, Google, Mary Kay, MLM, SEO, etc…are all areas where a person can learn to mold a career. There are numerous courses, most designed to re-invent the wheel and tell you what you can find blog surfing for free.

There are a million web sites to teach you to make money at home and double that many telling you how to get to the websites that tell you how to make money at home. You will need to really do some homework and stay away from overzealous testimonials. People can get paid to say almost anything. There are good courses and a fair price is around 250.00 to teach you the basics and provide ongoing support while you are learning. The rest is up to you. Like anything, once we are given tools, the usage of the tools is what will make or break our success. Don’t waste money on anything that looks too good to be true.

Where to start? Start with free! Write reviews about things you purchase and know about. Try writing blogs about your ideas or areas of knowledge. Tune up your writing skills because ‘fresh’ material is a great stepping stone to making a home business successful. If you have the money, you can certainly take these online classes. When you find a program which sounds great, search the name of that program with a word like ‘review’ following it and you will see what other peoples experiences have been. If you have no money, then do a lot of searching through blogs to see how and what others are doing. You can get started for nothing. Go through your house and start selling things you don’t need. You’d be amazed at how your ‘junk’ could be someone else’s eBay ‘treasures!’ Have you seen what your 70’s and 80’s memorabilia and apparel are selling for? There is a good amount of start up cash to be found within your garage or basement walls. I spent 6 months to find the correct course for me but still don’t haven’t time to finish it! If you decide to work from home, I do reccommend this one!

I spend a little time each day and have already begun to see the money trickling in. I have at least learned the basics of web building and HTML which is a useful skill I can use later in the workforce. You will probably never see your account earning the amounts you see posted in hyped testimonials. I will promise you one thing; there is no easy way to make a home business happen. Like anything, a home business will take hard work and dedication but it will keep you at home being the 1:1 your child with ASD must have.

Autism is the beginning of a new life. Nothing will ever be the same. In fact, your journey will be the most remarkable calling and test of your life. Knowing that you have made the difference in your child’s life will be the second greatest reward of your life. Seeing your child’s ASD turn around into a functional, happy life will be your greatest reward.


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Former Circus/ Vegas performer. Changes life to pursue facts and help about Autism after her youngest son was diagnosed as severe. Devotes life to helping all famiiles battle Autism.


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