A retro Glam woman with a ‘perfume’ boy’s nick name…who always manages to think ‘outside the box’ or  OFF THE WALL, (thanks MJ), when it comes to my approach to every facet of Autism…but it’s working…unprecedented with no gimmicks, tricks, bad diets or medications…it’s all hard work…but you’d never know it because it is now just a way of living our lives! So, a little about me? Well there’s a LOT. Show business background, raised by a tyrant mother, absent father, law school, travel, single mother of 4, Who’s Who humanitarian, the US first Female Circus Ringmaster, Bonsai Tree artist, multi-lingual, singer, songwriter, writer, thesbian, advcocate, grand mother, fashionista, interior designer, Disney channel addict, Christian, hails from Upstate NY, prom queen, graduate of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey College, former high wire artist and leopard trainer, art collector, Christian Audigier fan, keyboard player, former Las Vegas spokes modeland Master of Ceremonies, dealer and entertainer, cancer survivor, broken neck survivor, broken heart survivor, love to cook and sew,  wardrobe creator for Caesar’s Palace, U2 and others, production writer and designer,  loves 70’s and 80’s music…and 60’s..and still performs it, Davy Jones and Johnny Depp Sparrow fan, Carole Burnett and Lucille Ball fan, extremely proud mother of three older kids…and the remarkable younger one…still in mourning over the passing of an older brother…and the passing of the Great Michael Jackson…passionate, brilliant, tenacious, patient…(except when it’s needed services for the kids), eccentric, energetic, dedicated, determined, sober, courageous, honest, sensitive and vulnerable…and whose life is now directed, defined, enriched, blessed, ignited, enriched and strengthened by the diagnosis of my 4 year old…Autistic Disorders, primary Severe Speech Dysfunction/ Delay/ Apraxia, Tactile/ Sensory Dysfunction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sleep Disturbance, Gustatory (picky eater) Disorder… most recently, Velum Dysfunction and finally a very rare clotting factor disorder called Von Willebrands…I personally wish God could limit a child’s disorders to only one…but then I wouldn’t have the most remarkable journey of my life.

 I have been keeping a journal step by step through this whole Autism process…and have well over 3,000 hours of study and research in…and am part of a winning team where my 4 year old absolutely leads the way for us. Maybe I can publish my journals as a step by step guide for those just starting their journey’s…(Oprah?). I have so much to offer, research based and documentably proven…whether it’s products, techniques, direction, advice…this website is dedicated to Autism living, families, caregivers, loved ones…and anyone who wants to learn. Social Autism Awareness will allow these terrified homebound parents to bring these kids out into our communities without fear of an ignorant call to Child protection over a kid who’s just having a ‘melt down’ from over stimulation..not parental abuse! I remember all the myths about HIV…and now the Autism correct information needs to be told!

I will carry this website until my little one takes it over…as I am his voice until he is fully verbal…and completely understood.I am not at all bragging about some parts of my life, I needed you to know how diversified my background is which is believed to be why my rather unique but FUN..or ‘Mary Poppins’ technique and approach has led to a complete turn around in my son’s Autism direction. I maintain that there is no mild or severe Autism…only mild and severe therapies…and we DO have options! A huge, most sincere thanks to my first OT ‘Beth’, the play therapist guru, ‘Dorrie’ and my idol Phd ABA Board Certified ‘Dr.Leah’ for their brilliance, love, patience, encouragement, corections, guidance and love in the key roles they are playing and/ or have played.Hang in there with me…I will try to catch you up, advise, reccommend products and techniques, teach and most importantly…LEARN! I will not be accepting open comments to avoid this becoming a debate site. This is my son’s and my journey. However, I will copy any e-mails and stories with content I feel is appropriate for this site. This is a respectful site. There are wonderful stories..but there are MORE harsh ones…we are way behind in this war and barely even limping into a WORKING solution for all Autistic persons and the huge network embracing them. You will hear a LOT about ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis…if there is a single description of the cure, which has already been reccommended by the American Board of Pediatrics for over 10 years…which states that this therapy is needed 40 hours a week for 2 years…and all before the age of 4…but many of you are just hearing about this for the first time?!

I would never change who I am or what I am doing for anyone or anything. I finally know why I am here and everything in my life makes sense…it has brought me to a single moment of clarity…I was groomed to fight this AUTISM BATTLE!

For me? “I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I’m on my way”-YES

For the baby? “I’ll be there to protect you, with an unselfish love that respects you, whenever you need me, I’ll Be There”-Michael Jackson