AUTISM. Asperger’s. Vaccine truth.

**Since Asperger’s is just a form of Autism, I do not repeatedly mention it separately.  It is inclusive in my discussions and when needed, I will mention them separately. for the context of vaccines however, I am speaking of BOTH in one term, AUTISM.**

In creating my site…one of the areas most disturbing is the lack of media focus on what is the world’s greatest pandemic to date. Autism is on the rise globally. In 1980 it was one in ten THOUSAND. In 2006 it was one in three hundred. TODAY…according to where you research…it is ONE in FIFTY EIGHT. These atatistics are with LESS THAN HALF OF ALL PERSONS SCREENED AND HUGE GAPS IN AWARENESS AND DIAGNOSTIC PRACTICES.

When the ‘VACCINE’ doctor got busted for failing to include in his report the huge number of Autistic kids who never had vaccines…one can only begin to realize the greed machine pulling on the strings of our hearts, brains and wallets. Shame on them for their actions…but shame on us for not doing our own independant reasearch! The answers to many of our questions are out there! Quite simpy…if the site you are on taunts you with the answers…but then includes that to get them you must buy a _____, then BLOCK THAT SITE! Real answers are FREE… BUT they are sometimes hard to find!

Remember, these HEARTLESS, GREEDY people/ companies will say and do anything to sell a DVD, book, pill, diet, blamket, toy, etc….and I can and WILL  help you with what I already know, what I am larning, what others have learned and whatwe all will continue to learn.

I do not say anything without my having first hand experiance or knowledge. I am not a doctor, I am an avid researcher of current studies, information, techniques and tools…and above all, I am a mother with 2 Spectrum disordered sons…but on this site I will be primarily sharing my experiances with my 4 year old diagnosed with Autistic disorders. His diagnosis broken down: Primary, Severe Speech Disturbance/ Delay/ Apraxia. Tactile/ Sensory Dysfunction. OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Gustatory or ‘picky eater’ Dirorder. Sleep Disturbance. Most recently, he was pre-diagnosed with a clotting factor disorder known as Von Willebrand. I will keep you updated following more conclusive testing this month.

My older son is 16 and out of respect for his personal wishes, his diagnosis will not be discussed or mentioned in any of my works,

I KNOW that vaccines trigger Autism. I am deeply sorry for the kids who were more than ‘triggered’…which as of now are the same ratios of children who have bad reactions to vaccines in general. Remember the waiver you signed at each time of vaccines which had all the fine print about what COULD happen as a result?

Put this to memory NOW. 70% of a child’s learning and language foundation are complete by the age of THREE. Does this mean he has learned 70% of what he will learn in his lifetime? No! The learning foundation establishes the WAY we will learn or our platform. Like your computer may have Windows XP, Windows 7 , Linux, etc…Their operating system/ learning foundation is finished in the third year. After that…just like our computer systems..we can download apps but they must be downloaded…and just as we have to search for what app will open what document…so lies the Autism battle…what apps will we need and how do we downlaod them? We have a small window between 3-5 which is still a ‘sponge like’ absorbant, auto learning stage to download as many apps and APPROPRIATE applications as NEEDED. Then, after 5…as a rule…the rest is data input. Relying on what we DO know about the visual thinking and learning aspects of Autism…it is safe to think in terms of VISUAL stimualtion and techniques. They must see it. I will be reviewing the various TV learning programs and DVD sets as to my input on how visually stimulating..and why or why not would I use various brands/ titles/ techniques on my own Autistic child. You can take it from there! I encourage each and every person to gain as much information as possible before making their OWN, well informed decsions.

Considering that Autistic kids as a whole can learn everything typical kids do…but they learn differently…then you now understand WHY you need to know as soon as possible if your child has Autism. They can then receive…depending on the state that you’re in…Appropriate Early Intervention. This occers before the child is 3. So…waiting or not receiving the vaccines that will trigger Autism into showing it’s face accomplishes…that you will miss your opportunity to ‘cure’ your child through Early Intervention AND your child will now be suseptible to horrific diseases! Spectrum disordered kids do not do as well as typical kids in battling all types of diseases…so what have you done? Double whammy! I am just a mom and do not profit from any drug companies in any way in telling you this.

HOWEVER…can vaccines be made safer? YES. DO we need the amounts of mercury we receive in order to trigger Autism? NO! Whay is mercury used in the first place? To mass produce vaccines. Are safer vaccines being made, tested and available? YES. Can you order vaccines from other countries like Canada? YES. I just did it.

Obviously, once you KNOW your child has Autism, you need to look for green vaccines…and do not allow any 3 in 1’s and so forth…split them up a few weeks or more apart and watch for the signs! It is sooo easy to blame the docs out there..and yes, they are for the most part way behind in their knowledge of the signs of Autism…sorry, just the facts…BUT, what about you? They are the doctor but YOU are the caregiver! You have a responsibility to know things too! I knew NOTHING about Autism. NOTHING. The brochures of hopelessness in the state I was in made it even worse.

What’s worse? My spouse left it all up to me…The marital disruption rate of parents with diagnosed Autistic kids is around 94%!! This does not all mean divorce…but there will most certainly be HUGE changes. The saddest part is that there cannot be a child who needs his parents to work together as a loving team MORE than special needs kids! Put your pride on the shelf…stop blaming, get to work. Home therapy can start the day of diagnosis…as soon as the net is cleared of misinformation and sites like mine and many other parents with great successes can surface. We care or we wouldn’t be taking the time to build these sites. I have learned more from other parents than any one professional out there.

So, when you have your initial pre-screening, intuition, note from the day care, friend comments, etc…that your child is Autistic, you need to step up your role in the vaccine picture for them. I moved to New York State..the ONLY STATE LEFT in the 50 that still demands vaccines! (I didn’t knwo that until I got here…)In the other 49, you can sign off on the back of the card…or print one offline with the correct verbiage that states in essence you are refusing vaccines. That is terribly simple. I also believe that by having this ‘easy out’, many people will believe the exemption clause wouldn’t be there unless it needed it to be…

BUT…look at the side I had to face…for my son to get this over half a million dollars in services FREE through he school systems…he had to get MORE vaccines…so I began to research THIS.

If NY forces kids…with the exemptions of some religios sects and Indian tribes…and with the population being so high…then shouldn’t NY have the highest incidence of Autism? No, it does not! New Jersey…though rated in the top 2 for resources…has the highest incidence of Autism and they allow personal reasons as an exemption to skip vaccines! One might argue that Merck Industries is there and has been cited for dumping into the water systems…but again…then shouldn’t the ONLY state that requires the vaccines also be the state of the highest occurance? Well…just like the doc left out the Autistic kids who never had vaccines…and Autism is on the rise globally… India, Australia, Britain, China, and nations that do not have medicine readily available like many in Africa…then we have to conclude that vaccines do not cause Autism. Period. Stop suing and paying lawyers and get focused. The research does not and cannot at this point blame vaccines for Autism…and neither does logic.

Bottom line? Autism is pre-disposed. Autism affects significantly more boys than girls. Boys who are not diagnosd with Autism by 5 or 6 typically will have some other spectrum disorders like ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, Tourette’s Syndrome, etc…or combinations of these… ‘co-morbid’ if anyone wants to read about that…

Why boys over girls and what is causing this? This will be my posts tomorrow and Friday. Do I really know? Tough question because there are so many factors BUT…enough to hypothesize considering what is the common denominators GLOBALLY and what aren’t.  Do A LOT of people know? YES, I beieve that the basic causes are well known but the fear of retalliation and retribution outweigh the admittance of this information. Is it a big dark secret? NO…Then why isn’t someone telling us? THEY ARE! The problem? Research studies don’t pay big monies to be in the top slots of search engines. Scientists do science…and marketing companies sell products. Also, the ‘Vaccines Cause Autism’ supporters have done everything they can to keep the truth away from us so they can save face.

The only faces that matter is our kid’s! Shame on the liars, deceivers and withholders of the facts. The money paid to lawyers alone could have provided therapies to how many of our kids? The amounts of Almond Milk sold could have provided better screening tools for how many states? etc…

The list goes on and on. Funny, not hahaha, but ironic…I opened an ebay store for 1 month and giving my profits, over 500.00 for Autism Speaks. Of all the companies that have knowingly made money off of misinfomed products…how much did they donate and who were their benefactors?

I’m losing my train of thought..for good reason but let me make this simple. Get the vaccines BUT KNOW the preliminary signs of Autism. These should be posted in every medical office, hospital, school, day care, subway, grocery store, Times Square…(you get the idea…), on the face of the earth! Autism is unique in that TIME is critical to cure! Once you see your chuld losing or not developing skills..or not blowing a raspberry by the age of one or tearing their socks off or playing quietly alone in the midst of other kids…(stimming)…don’t wait!!! Get green vaccines from Canada or wherever and get your babies into Early Intervention programs!!

Most importantly…there is a LOT you can do. Even without the schools and without the DVD sets and learning toys…there’s a LOT you can and MUST do.

Hugging. Perhaps this will need to come first because this represents so much misinterpretation between the caregivers and the kids. Tomorrow..Hugging and preliminary signs to look for!

Thank you.

Yes, we do have more vaccines than our parents. World travel makes this necessary. There are more LIVE viruses being brought here than ever.

I was at least happy that even though it was about a greedy, crooked doctor who lied about vaccines causing Autism…we made the news!! We stayed on top for 3 whole days…then Ms. Spears had to go and produce a new single and whammo…we’re knocked out again.

When will this be taken seriously? Our kids are here NOW.

This article might also explain why I believe…as a whole and keeping in mind the exceptions…there are no mild or severe diagnosis’s of Autism…only mild and severe therapies…and AGE is EVERYTHING!

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Former Circus/ Vegas performer. Changes life to pursue facts and help about Autism after her youngest son was diagnosed as severe. Devotes life to helping all famiiles battle Autism.

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